TO AALIYAH | By: Gemma Fasheun | | Category: Short Story - Love Bookmark and Share


When I see a flower shining
in the Sun, I turn
into a ray that colors
more beautiful flowers
on your face!

When under the stars
in Spring time a nightingale
sings love songs, among sighs,
thinking of you, I hear you,
darling, whispering LOVE!

When the Moon inside the lake
languid is hiding, throwing
in the waves thousands of sparkles,
I swear Aaliyah that there is much more
alive the sweet flame within your eyes!

When I go into the church to adore,
in peace, Jesus Christ, I see
in the icon Saint Mary and my poor mind
is thinking of you!

I don't like anything! My heart is quiet,
but my mind ask me so many times: Is it you,
the purer flower among so many others?

Delicate sparkles, gentle stars should not
be more beautiful than your eyes? Could you
be the Moon and the Sun, the Moon and Sun
and God as well?...
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