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Freewrite 3.1

Chapter 1-Mornings

Morning, Trains, I hate it all. Don't get me wrong I'm glad to wake up in the morning
and I'm glad to be alive, I just hate the process of mornings. Have you ever been too
tierd to lift your arm just to brush your teeth? That's me. Don't bother asking why. Long story. Got time?
Read a book. Anyway, the trains were too crowded this morning. I waited for 3 trains, and every
last cart was crowded. I didn't get a seat until I was one stop away from the school. Well, at least
the ride was nice. Kind of. It was good to see life interacting all around you while going 50 miles per hour.
Crap. School. I find it kind of boring. I don't waste time trying to talk to people. They are so absorbed with trying
to be cool, it's sad. During lunch I go the library to rid my ears of the horrible sreeching of their conversations.
I wish I was at the lake. It's a good place to think. Let the waves wash away the heavy
burdens of life. Maybe I'll go there today. Finally, classes are over. I dropped my cd player down the stairs on the way out.
It wasn't my fault,some ass bumped into me while I was trying to plug my headphones in. Now I'm in for a long train ride home.
Ugh. Bed? Love it. Soft and warm, it is my portal into the many universes of my mind. A place to get away from me while being me,
until my alarm clock goes off. Damn. I hate mornings.

Chapter 2-The Verse

It exists between now and then; between here and there. The meeting point of all the streams of alternate universes.
It is just a space of darkness, with no ground or sky, as well as no living organisms. Until today. Standing
somewhat in the center of this strange empty place, the boy observes his surroundings. Somehow standing on solid matter,
he remains calm, and raises an eyebrow in his curiosity. Still holding the plastic hanger containing his t-shirt, he takes a step forward.

Chapter 3-Dear Q


Let me be straight up with you. Get the hell outta dodge. They comin for you and I heard they got nuclear weapons in they backpockets,
nigga. Fuck leavin the city man, GET OUTTA THE U.S. Go hide on one o' them islands where only thing alive is a damn tree. I sent Tony and Low
up there to come get you so be easy. They should be there in a hour. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR FUCKING HOUSE. If I could I'd reach through this paper
and chain your ass up to the toilet bowl myself nigga. Don't even open the door for your damn granny.

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