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Freewrite 3.2

Chapter 1-The Cafeteria

"What'll you have, kid?" the pale woman's raspy voice grunted, pointing the plastic spoon
of dry macoroni at the boy's nose. He swallowed, eying the womnan's chubby face.
It was spotted with dark moles like a bad halloween mask. Greasy strings of gray hair hung
from the hair net, which was obviously too tight. The deep marks it left on her balding scalp
looked like old battle scars. Scratching his chin, he pointed to the grilled cheese behind the steamed
glass. The round lady frowned, throwing the weighty sandwich onto his plate with agitation.

"Took you long enough. That it?"

The boy hesitated, before raising a dark finger to the pan of french fries. Behind him, a long line
of anxious high school students streched out of the cafeteria and into the hall, all of them chattering
excitedly about the days events.

"Hey lady hurry yo big ass up, damn!" a dry voice rang out from within the line,
causing a few snickers to follow...

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