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1776 And 2008 Recession From Greed

Declaration of Independence
The Wealth of Nations
can be the
Social Good,
or the,
Social Bad,
when big fish eat little fish
up too much, and monopolize
and get Greedy!
The Economy suffers
and people suffer,
and Recessions and Depressions
Adam Smith was right about Greed
in Capitalism.
2008 is the result of Greed and
self interest for the people at the top
and not the masses of people in between
and at the bottom.
Did Demons do this or did Human Nature do this to our
economy? Some Scientists think Greed is natural.
Some religious people think Greed is going against nature and sin!
What do you think and how do you decribe it?
Devil or DNA? Biological makeup or demons within us?

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