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The Hotel Room Door

My boyfriend and I had been dating for almost a year, if
you can say boyfriend after 50? He was going to go to a
convention at the Car Show connected with his profession
in the car business.
Early in the am when he left, he said, "don't make yourself
known as many many people, family, and other professionals
were at this lovely hotel. Later I understood why, the same
mistake one makes, knows better but your heart says, try it
for a little while and see.....
I went swimming at the hotel pool in Naples, Fla. it was a
lovely hotel, a five star for sure.
After spending half the day there, and realizing it was almost 4
I headed back to the room to change my clothes as we were
going to go out for dinner.....
Upon placing my cardboard key, nothing green light
nothing would turn, so like any all American girl I tried it
again, and again, and again, by the fifth attempt it occured to
A maid was finishing up a room across the way, and told her of
my problem. She offered to try but she could not either. She
called to the front desk.....and two nice men attempted to come
to my aid.....but they called maintance, and three men
come up to see what the problem of the door was. Hmmmmm, they called
a few more men. Now there were quite a lot of us standing in the
hall, talking to me and calling me by my first name. When all of
a sudden as the door was coming off its hinges-- a tap on my shoulder by my lover. "This is not making
yourself known, then I hate to see what is", and left with a
frown and shaking his head"? Now what was I do to? Three hours later
when the door was being put on back on its hinges, he came back
for a second look.....I just don't believe the things that happen
to you!
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