THE CARDS BEING DEALT | By: deniera gilmore | | Category: Short Story - Inspiration Bookmark and Share


The cards being dealt today doesn't have to be the cards you always except.
I htink that every person has the ability to chgange circumstances in life. Everyone
is not dealt a wonderful in life. Somepeople have to fight to have a better life .
Even though your life did not begin the way you would want doesn't meant that ypu have
to stay in that situation forever. Life is a gift ,it is a gift that not every one has .
Every day there are so amny children bor nin the world with no hope of ever
seeing another day. But then there are some kids born who grow up and change the
hand that was dealt to them. We have to learn to except responsibility for our actions.
And always remember that with God everything is possible.
I hope that everyone who reads this learns that no matter what is going on in your life ,
you have the ability to look your dealer in the eyes and say"
I AM IN" then we can face everyday knowing that even though there may be a fight we will win
and do what man say is impossible, and have what man say is impossible. LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH STRENGTH......

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