DAY NO.5 | By: Gemma Fasheun | | Category: Short Story - Inspiration Bookmark and Share


Like in the old days
we buried the cat with him.
With empty hands we've removed
the sand. The rest of the day we eat and dance,
but at the midnight hour we've dreamed of a lost city,
named Atlantis.

In the middle of the dream
in this land are as many snakes as
the rocks that we have on the beach.
And a man is walking along the streets,
and his hair turns into green rivers, and his arms
became the branches coverd by cherry flowers.

At the end of the dream
the Sun leaves his last rays
in the ashtray of the sea. From
a distant land whispers from the eagle's mouth
wakens every soul that has been written in the Book of the Dead.
You are burning in a drop of water...
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