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The way we were

 I wish this day could last for ever, the radio blasted and the word flowed.


(We are family hey hey hey hey hhhey I got all my family with me)


Uncle Kenny, Aunt Kathy, Aunt Pepper, Uncle Junie, Aunt Shirley and Uncle Bobby.


Gram sat outside by the front door as aunt shirely was inside pressing les's hair aunt Pepper and aunt Kathy were trying to prepare the food as uncle June tried to light the grill. uncle Kenny was in his room with his new girl friend Lisa listening to the radio.

jimmmy, shonna gram yelled "come here, did ya ll see Mancini's truck."

no mamm.  Skeeter go get grams pocket book from side the chair in my room.

When Mancini comes I want ya ll to buy some banana's, grapes and two dozen glazed donuts.

We walked to Mancini's truck parked by the curb and brought everything gram told us to. As we waited for Mr Mancini to gather everything, we heard are family enjoying them selves.


(she's a brick brbrbrbrnt nert house, she's mighty mighty just let ten it all hang out)


Go head Shirley, get down pep. I turned my head to see them doing the bump and uncle Kenny cheering in the back ground, aunt Kathy joined in as well and gram was laughing as she watched her children enjoying them selves in her presence.


Me and jimmy returned with the goods and gram gave us a donut, we loved Mancini's glazed donuts they were soft to the bite and sweet to the taste like pure heaven. jimmy yelled here comes pap, pap pap is getting off the bus. We all ran as fast as we could to the bus stop but before we hit the street. Pap would yell stay their until the street is clear. As we seen the bus disappear down the road are Pap Pap submerged from across the street we gave him a hug and grabbed his bags full of groceries and walked and talked to him till he  reached gram sitting on the porch. She stood up and they embraced with a hug and a kiss.


Thats Luther, Aunt pepper, yelled. "Kenny turn up the radio."


(If this world were miiiine, o baby I'll give you each day so sunny and blue and if you wanted the moon light I'll give you that too, if this world were miiiiiiiiine oooo baby you can have anything iiinnng.)


We played blind mans bluff, volleyball tag and dodge ball we ate, we danced we had the most fun any children

could ever have.

who's car is that pulling up shon. Jimmy yelled, I don't know the lights are to bright.

It's Bobby Aunt Shirley yelled.

me and jimmy looked at each other and ran to the car uncle Bob and Aunt Barb, niece, Vicky, Tonya hey, ya ll made it. We jumped up and down and ran to the house with confirmation that it was indeed them Pap told us to settle down and we all ran outside to play, as all the adults (brothers and sisters) gathered in the kitchen to talk among st them selves laughing and hugging and giving each other pecks on the check. I heard in the distance the last song of the night.


Sang by Gladys Knight:

Neither one of us, wants to be the first to say good Bye.


Fare well my love, Good Bye.






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