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FROM Cross to Crown
There was a tiring thorny Road
Who won the throne, who damnation?
All came to view by Pen and Sword?
Man had merits and wits and will
He lost his Lord but found the gods of diverse form
The precious dust and lass and rank
Ah! Lust for best lowered his Name
Man missed the charm of never ending joy and peace
And doomed to suffer till his last
Now heart is grieved, hopeless and dead
Now words are void of sense and life]
The tortured minds and battered souls
Now jailed in myths and heresies
There are no thoughts unchained in world
Now man enjoys all earthly tastes
But drought, famine, tension, suicide
But wars of massive destruction
Show and sales of human flesh
All torture cells came out of humans' deadly greed
Today, Onward?
Man has to search his real worth? Identity?
Like prophets did
Like saints and sages made their place.

Jawad Ali Anjum
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