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It is the message of Holy War
And history of perfect sacrifice
The human remains till doomsday
In conflict of virtue and vice.

Form infant to the aged ones
Put their lives under the swords
From baggage to the blood drops
Offered to guard the sacred words.

It's indeed victory of truth
And downfall of the wrong
A lesson of the glorious life
And tribute to the Strong.

It's profound, sigh and scream
And concealed ocean of tears
A movement to save Divine laws
And remove devils' fears.

It's the source of spiritual force
And strength of righteous life
A call to rise against tyrants
And take part in the Strife.
Jawad Ali Anjum

(Karbala is a city in Iraq where a divine spiritual leader and
his handful followers fought against the corrupt caliph
and all Wrongdoers and finally offered perfect sacrifice to save the
purity and sanctity of religion along with glory of man. in short words,
Karbala is the symbol of glorious eternal victory of virute over every
vice and vicious.

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