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I Took My Shirt Off

Today I took my shirt off.

Today was like any other day, except it wasnít.

I got out of bed and took my shirt off. I took my shirt off to put on another. I took my shirt off to put it in the wash. I took my shirt off to take my evening shower. I took my shirt off in bed when I felt it was no longer useful. Today was like any other day.

But that was before I went outside.

Today has been like any other Southern California day but yet it wasn't. Today was like the first day of summer; but yet it wasnít. It was about 65 degrees; and there was a slight, cool breeze that gave me goose bumps. I was leaning up against the house, my back to the front part of the house. The breeze played with my hair, and I lifted it up with my fingers and let it fall.

And then I took my shirt off.

I stepped forward just enough for the sun to hit my chest, and my face to be cooled in the shade. The soft, warm sunís caress across my chest felt like the caress of my loverís hands. The pine trees in front of me to the back of the house shielding the view, whispered to me.

I let my arm fall over onto the top of my head to rest. I closed my eyes. I turned, and pressed my bare back up against the coarse stucco surface of the house. The breeze brushed by again, and cooled my face. The breeze cooled my arms. It cooled my breasts so that my nipples hardened, and its heat penetrated me.I could hear the birds singing, dogs barking in the distance. I couldnít move. I was grounded, held down by an intense feeling of pleasure.

For a moment, I ceased to hear, only feel.

My hair blowing in the wind, brushing against the skin on my arms, shoulders, face. The course stucco on my back. The sun on my breasts. The breeze on my face. My feet anchored to the earth.

For a fleeting moment, I thought of removing my pants. But the fear of being caught naked in his back yard stopped me. Standing there, after taking my shirt off, is one thingÖ Many are aware that I enjoy being without garments when outside. But I never thought I would be caught by someone while alone, in their back yard, standing there, naked.

Thatís different.

So I hear the birds singing, the dogs barking, the pines whispering. I feel the breeze blowing, my hair brushing, the sun warming.Then I put my shirt on.


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