My Sweet Forever | By: M. Douglas Hoss | | Category: Short Story - Lost Love Bookmark and Share

My Sweet Forever

If both my eyes should glaze away
And my reality should sever,
Please do not think too ill of me;
I'm dreaming of forever.

If I don't hear the things you say;
If your remarks seem not so clever,
I'm not displeased with you at all;
I'm longing for forever.

If touching me seems difficult;
If it takes such endeavor,
It means I'm lost among those dreams
Which are my dear forever.

If all the love which I must give
Is meant for after ever,
It means that one day I shall be
Well bound for my forever.

When all the force of my love goes,
Returning here quite never,
At last I've gone to be with she
Who is "my sweet forever."
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