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Forever Memories (Chapter One)



A loud, shrill scream echoed through the room. Thump. My heart stopped. I stopped breathing, nobody in the room moved. Silence. Nothing was to be heard, nothing needed to be said at that moment. Screams and chatter followed as everyone began to understand the scream and the thump. That night my life changed… forever.


Earlier that day…

I stared blankly outside at the bird that was picking a flower to pieces. Its soft song would be heard every few minutes. Its beautiful feathers were the colours of the rainbow and its –


“Sixty three squared!” I managed to mumble, sharply turning to face the board… and Mr Stayaha.

“Excuse me?” he frowned. I mumbled something that even I didn’t understand. “Abby stop trying to make excuses, answer the question.” I paused for a moment then replied,

“Could you repeat the question, I wasn’t quite able to hear it.”

The class roared with laughter and I sunk down in my chair. Even Sheni, my best mate, laughed at me. I knew why when I glanced up at the whiteboard. “Oh,” I sighed, staring at the equation.

“Abigail,” Mr Stayaha began. When he called me Abigail he wasn’t impressed with me so I sat up straight and tried to pay attention. “Please pay attention more next time,” we shared a common thought.

I sighed and started copying down the equation. “Chenielle?” he asked Sheni.

“352.214…” she answered, staring up at Mr S.

“Well done,”

Sheni was right, again… she was always right. She looked at me for a second, smiling, then turned back to answer the next question.


I wasn’t the brightest light bulb in the warehouse, so I was excited to hear the lunch bell. I piled my maths books in my arms and headed to my locker. I emptied all my books out and grabbed my lunch then headed to our usual eating area. I sat down on the grass beside Cleo, Sheni and Nicole. “Hey Sheni, Cleo, Nicole,” I beamed.

“Hey how was maths?” Cleo asked. Sheni and I exchanged glances.

“Well…” I began,

“She was off with the pixies again,” Sheni laughed.

“No, I was just… looking outside for a moment,” I corrected, nudging Sheni’s arm.

“Sounds like typical Abby,” Nicole chuckled. Rachel and Emma arrived, sitting down with us.

“Hey guys,” Rachel smiled, happy as always.

“So who’s coming to my party tonight?” Cleo beamed,

“Me!” a bunch of voices called, and a lot of hands shot into the air. Cleo smiled. “It’s going to be awesome!” she said enthusiastically.

“Abby!” Sheni yelled

“Sheni!” I shouted back,

“Only a few more days until…”

“New Zealand!” we shouted together.

“Today’s Friday so that means… 3 days until we leave!” I beamed. Sheni and I were going to New Zealand together, it was a trip we won. We were both so excited, I couldn’t wait!

“Yeaaaah!” Sheni grinned, holding her hand up for a hi-5. I slapped my hand against hers and yelled,

“Yeaaaaaah! Woooooo!” my smile was hurting my cheeks now, but I couldn’t stop smiling.


We talked more about Cleo’s 17th birthday party… and more about New Zealand! I was so excited. Later on that afternoon I changed out of my uniform and into a knee length sparkly blue dress. I stared at myself in a mirror and pulled my hair tie out, shaking my head, letting my long brown hair fall down my back. I applied some make up and then the doorbell went off. Sheni was 18 and I was 16 but we were both in year twelve. She volunteered to take me to the party. I stepped outside, “bye mum, bye dad! I’ll be back later!” I called, closing the door behind me. Sheni’s car was red and clearly new. It was a 4 door but it was small. “Niiiiiiiice,” I smiled, brushing my hand against the top of the car.

“Ha, thanks,” Sheni smiled, reaching back and opening the back door. I slipped into the back seat, noticing that James, her boyfriend, had taken up the front seat.

“Hey James, long time no see,”

“Yeah has been a while eh,” he replied. He had finished year twelve last year, but he wasn’t at uni this year. He was completely different to Sheni, I was amazed they were still going out, I mean it had been more than a year! She’s a sports type person and he’s more into music, she gets a’s and he gets c’s. Maybe opposites do attract. Sheni put her foot to the accelerator and we drove off to the party.


I pulled the door that was marked push, while I waited for Sheni and James to get out of the car. We walked in together, searching for the birthday girl. There were a lot of people there, most were my friends.

“Hey!” I called out as Cleo caught my eye.

“Abby! Chenielle, James! Hey!” she smiled, hugging each of us. “It has been a while, James,”

“Sure has,” he laughed, probably happy everyone noticed his absence. I handed Cleo a small box with bright rapping paper on it and a card on top.

“Thanks Abs,” she smiled, turning to Sheni.

“Here,” Sheni said handing Cleo a bag.

“Awesome, thanks guys,” Cleo said, hugging us again. “Well… foods over there, the bar is over there but Abby you’re too young. Uhh, yeah basically just chill out here for a few hours,”

“Cool we’ll go check the place out then find you soon,”

“Okay, oh it’s like a teen’s hangout so there’s a few other people around who I didn’t invite.”

“Thanks for telling us, ha, okay talk soon,” I said, turning and waving to Cleo. James and Sheni followed me. I helped myself to a few chips, “so guys where to next?” I asked, turning around, realizing that Sheni and James weren’t there anymore. “Oh,” I mumbled. “Where to Abby?” I asked myself, spotting the bar then heading over for a drink.


“Well hello,” a tall blonde haired boy smiled from behind the bar.

“Hey,” I beamed,

“What can I get you?” he asked, I stared at the alcoholic drinks on the counter and then frowned.

“Any soft drinks?”

“Sure, you under the limit missy?”

“I’m sixteen going on seventeen,”

“Well its good that you don’t fake your age… lots of people do ‘round here,” he said reaching below into a fridge. He placed a can of coke on the table. “Coke okay?”

“Sure,” I smiled, handing him a five dollar note.

“I’ll make you a deal…” he began. My eyes narrowed,

“What kind of deal?” I asked.

“The coke is free… if you let me have one dance.” He smiled sweetly. I couldn’t help but smile too.

“I pulled back the five dollars and reached out for the coke. Deal.”

“I’m off in ten, come back then?”

“Sure, see you soon,” I walked away to find Sheni, which wasn’t that hard. She was dancing with James. “Sheni, Sheni, Sheni!” I beamed,

“What? What? what?” she asked,

“I think I have a date!” I grinned,

“With who?”

“The guy at the bar,” I said pointing to him.

“Ooh, lucky girl,” she smiled staring at him,

“Ha, okay I’ve gotta go get ready… kinda,” I smiled, waving and walking off to the bathroom.


I stared at myself in the mirror. I twisted the tap on and splashed a bit of water on my face, it was quite hot inside even though winter was near. I smiled to myself then headed back outside to… well I hadn’t even asked for his name yet.


I wandered around to fill in some time.

“hee… hellooo… hello?” Nobakakakichi smiled,

“oh, hey Kichi,” she was still learning English. She was a Japanese exchange student and she knew few words in English.

“uhh… hello!” she beamed, “hello, hello, hello!” that was her favourite word. Well we all think that it is because it’s all she says in English most of the time.

“You… go…find…Nobakikikacha” I said, trying to point to her brother. She frowned then turned around and walked off in the opposite direction. I shrugged and whispered, “bye then,” with a laugh.

“Hey miss,” a voice from behind me said, I turned to the voice and instantly recognised him.

“Well hello,” I beamed.

“May I please have that dance?” he asked, just like a true gentleman, holding out one hand. I didn’t say anything I just placed my hand gently on top of his and he held my hand tight. He led me onto the dance floor where we swayed gently to the music.

“Do you come here often?” he asked,

“Nah, I’m here for my friend Cleo’s party,”

“You should come more often…”

I blushed.

“I’m Abby,” I smiled,

“I’m Ian,” he flashed a beautiful smile at me. The music changed, it became slower. I stared into his eyes and he stared into mine. I didn’t know what to do. Usually in movies the pair would be drawn together… but that’s when they had been dating for a little bit. Ian drew himself closer to me. I drew in a breath but I didn’t breathe out.

“Abby… are you okay?” he asked,

“Y- yes,” I gasped,

“Abby…” he said pulling away. I took in a deep breath. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay, I’m fine,” I lied,

“Sorry,” he said taking me over to a seat. I flopped down in the comfy leather seat and held my hand against my cheek. I was hot. “Are you okay?” he asked, brushing my cheek with his hand. “You’re really hot, stay here I will get you a drink,” he said walking off. I sighed and stared at Sheni on the dance floor. She was being pressed against a wall by some guy. It almost looked like he was trying to grab her or hit her. My heart raced, I rubbed my eyes, not sure of what I was seeing. I stood up just as Ian came back. “Water?” he handed me the glass, I took one sip but didn’t look away from Sheni.

“It’s probably nothing,” I whispered, taking another sip out of the glass.

“Abby, what’s wrong?” he asked, placing his hands on my shoulders. I jumped a little, his hands were so cold.

“I’m… fine,” I whispered,

“Abby please… sit down,”

“I… I’m fine… but… okay…” I gave in, I fell back against the chair, placing the glass on the table beside me. Ian sat beside me and stared into my eyes, but my eyes didn’t leave Sheni… until she became out of sight. I stood up again but Ian gripped my hand.

“Abby, come with me,” he said, still holding my hand and leading me away somewhere. I searched for Sheni, my heartbeat became faster and faster, my breathing became shallower. What was that guy doing to her? I took in a deep breath, it was probably nothing. Ian tugged me along like a dog and his owner. I turned to face Ian, I had managed to convince myself that nothing was wrong.


A loud, shrill scream echoed through the room. Thump. My heart stopped. I stopped breathing, nobody in the room moved. Silence. Nothing was to be heard, nothing needed to be said at that moment. Screams and chatter followed as everyone began to understand the scream and the thump. Tonight my life changed… forever.


I turned sharply to where the scream came from. I let go of Ian and ran through the crowd. I searched for Sheni and didn’t stop until I did. She was holding her stomach, falling against a wall.

“Sheni!” I screamed, racing over to her. I caught her in my arms, lifting her up then noticing some bleeding. I began searching for a first aid room. A door with a little plus sign on it seemed like the place to go. I carried her there immediately. I rested her on the bed and searched for something… anything. Ian burst through the door, staring at Sheni then searching through a cupboard.

“Abby… Call the ambulance,” he ordered, handing me his mobile phone. I dialled triple zero as fast as I could, though I was shaking so much. Someone picked up.

“Hey, please come… fast… Sheni… my friend… she’s been hurt!” I explained. I told them the address and then hung up. “Ian please help her!” I screamed. I held Sheni’s hand and tried to breathe slower. “Sheni what happened,”

“Some…” she began then took in a deep breath, “a guy…” another deep breath, “he tried to take me back to,” she coughed then stopped moving.

“Sheni!” I yelled, feeling her pulse,

“Abby, she’s going to be fine,” Ian said wrapping a bandage around her stomach and clumping another bandage up to stop the bleeding from her head.

“Are you sure,” I asked, my voice shaking,

“She will be fine, I promise,” he assured me, reaching out and holding my other hand. I stared up into his eyes and the corner of my mouth turned up, in half a smile. Then I turned back to Sheni and burst into tears. Would she be okay? I couldn’t tell. Her vital life signs were all fine, but she wouldn’t move. She wouldn’t wake up. The heat became too much for me, despite the chill of winter it was really hot inside. I finally melted. My head spun around and my balance was no longer existent. I fell flat on my face against the ground. The last words I heard were,

“Abby!” then I zoned out.





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