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No Place Like Home (Dean Winchester Love) Prologue

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Her heart pounded steadily in her chest as she looked around the completely silent, morose bus. Almost everyone's heads were down or their expressions seemed more than just depressed. There was something on this bus and she had to find out what it was. But first, she had to make sure that she was protected from whatever seemed to be feeding off of these people's positive emotions.

Clasping her hands and placing her left foot over her right, she visualized a white barrier around her body to negate any emotional invasion. Her eyes wondered and she realized at that moment that the bus driver was the only one who was smiling. Everyone else looked horribly sick or unbearably sad.

Taking bus rides at night to avoid her car being spotted by suspicious figures was beginning to be a pain in the ass. Well, at least she got something out of it.

Rising while keeping her hands closed and her mental barrier around herself, she seated herself in the front seat. The driver seemed to immediately notice her over everyone else as she sat calmly, staring at him with her feet and hands closed.

"Hey, Skip," she said to him with a forced but pleasant smile. "How about you finish your route soon and we'll go have a chat?" Her question sounded friendly but her gaze -hidden to the rest of the passengers- showed otherwise. She wasn't asking; she was ordering.

His pale skin shone beneath the passing street lights as he examined the six passengers on the bus and the nearby streets. Only a few of them lead to somewhere private, if she recalled correctly.

"My name is Randall, ma'am." His smile seemed nice, but his tone did not. The icy chill that came out of it only gave it away even more. In the Name of God, does he not realize that he's too obvious?

She shrugged and leaned back into her seat. "Skip, Randall, whatever. Doesn't mean much to me. You gonna accept my offer?" She smirked mischeviously at him as he looked over to examine her.

A grunt escaped him before he nodded and looked around for the closest bus stop. She smiled happily toward him as she awaited for the passengers to get off safely and for her to get some action after a long time.

"Oh, where are my manners?" She pretended to be genuinely shocked, making the guy wince slightly. Obviously, he didn't have a sense of humor. "My name's Emma."


"So, this guy is a Psychic or Spirit or Emotional Vampire, whatever, that is just building up energy to distribute to the others that aren't getting any?" Sam Winchester was going through his father -John Winchester's- journal. On the pages were descriptions of different kinds of vampires, including the kind that the two were tracking at that very moment.

"Yeah, it's business. The poor bastard that runs out of his product, loses profit. Apparently, the other psychic bitches are sucking it off of him like it's heroine. And he makes them pay for it." Dean cursed when he saw a bus stop in front of him and hit the brake. "Dammit. I hate buses! My baby's meant for speedin', not wheel chairin'." He patted the dashboard affectionately after his comment.

Sam merely rolled his eyes as he looked back at the journal. "Why would a Psychic Vamp need all of that money?"

"Probably trying to achieve some power high the Emo Bloodsucker had during life. Who knows," Dean said just as he looked up at the bus. A girl had walked to the back and looked behind the seats as if checking for other passengers.

Sam was too busy looking at the journal to actually look but Dean sure didn't mind staring. "Well, look at her! I would mind riding her, y'know?"

That was when the youngest Winchester looked up and saw the girl, turning his gaze to Dean with the "get serious" expression on his face. "Dean, come on. We've got to find this guy before he drains the rest of the city."

"What? I was talking about the bus..." Dean smiled but stopped when the bus started off, revealing the depressing people on the sidewalk. They had the same symptoms as the other victims found at the psychiatrist's office: Pale skin, sallow cheeks, frowns, and eyes that seemed that they would burst with tears at any moment.

"You see that," Sam asked suddenly. His older brother nodded as he drove behind the bus, getting the normal vibe he got when he was hunting. The thing was close and he had to get to it before someone else got hurt.

There were a few backroads that led to plenty of areas that Psychic Bastards hung around in. They would have to split up on foot in order to hunt this guy down. Never again would he want to see a kid lying in the morgue.

"Whoa, wait Dean." Sam stopped Dean just as the blonde flipped his left turn signal on. "I think we should follow that bus." And it just so happened that the bus was heading out to the blank outskirts of town.

Dean rolled his eyes as he looked over at his kid brother. "Now, Sammy. I thought you told me not to chase the girl." That had earned him the "get serious" look again, just ten times worse. He had to wonder how many times Sam had to practice with those puppy dog eyes before the look actually worked.

"No, did you see what she looked like? Her position was weird. Not many people walk with hands clasped and one foot in front of the other like that." Sam began furiously flipping through the journal's pages as Dean cocked an eyebrow at his brother.

"I didn't realize you were studying her so hard. Now that you mention it, though, it did seem like she was focusing on something more than checking behind those seats..." Just as Sam found the right page and Dean remembered what her position meant, they spoke simulaneously.

"Energy barrier."

Sam's expression changed to one of excitement as he urged Dean to drive faster, which was something he'd never thought he'd do. "You think she knows like we do?"

"Probably not as much but hey, it's a possibility." He took off after the bus, realizing that the bus had gotten a lot faster now that the girl was the only one aboard. "Shit, I think he's picked her for his main course." Almost immediately Dean hit his gas pedal hard, determined to catch this bastard.

Sam put the journal in the back as he bent over the seat to pull out two guns and two different catridges, looking between them. "Dean, which are the pure silver bullets again?" He threw those two full containers back into the back since they weren't the right ones. Instead, he rummaged through the box a little more.

"I put them in the back with the sawed-off shotgun. You try to explain to the cops where we get those," he replied as he followed the bus to a vacant parking lot outside of an abandoned factory. There didn't seem to be other buildings for at least fifteen minutes out.

The two immediately got out and popped the trunk, pulling out a few weapons. Of course, Dean grabbed his shotgun and the silver bullets hidden beneath the machete next to it. Sam merely grabbed his Beretta and tucked it safely in his pants.

The two brothers looked at each other, knowing immediately when the other was ready to leave and complete their next mission just by the look in their eyes.

"Okay, you got a plan," Sam asked as the two walked cautiously toward the parked bus. That was when the lights in the bus cut off and the two couldn't see a single detail within the large metal vehicle.

"Funny. I was about to ask you the same thing. Have you been working on your psychic abilities," Dean joked as he stood against the back of the bus, looking up to see anything and listening real hard to hear a sound.

The only thing that seemed to make a sound was the low murmuring coming from within. Just as Dean moved from his position against the bus, though, he heard a large slam and the bus seemed to shake from the impact.

Sam and Dean ran to the door and immediately pried the doors open, just in time to see a bus driver over the girl, but his back was to them. Dean aimed his gun at the guy just as he saw the girl's eyes flicker to them and then back to the man hovering over her.

"No way..." The brothers listened as the guy whispered in astonishment, as he seemed to gaze at her shoulder. "Y-You're a-" But before he could finish his sentence, a gun shot was heard and the guy was blasted off of her.

Dean and Sam looked to each other but neither had shot the Vampire. They then saw the steaming pistol in the girl's hand while she pulled her sleeve back up, covering her left shoulder. As she rose, she looked at the boys and then dusted herself off. "Listen, boys, as much as you probably got a kick out of something like that-"

Sam put his gun down to show that he didn't mean the girl any harm as he walked slowly toward her and the burned remains of the Vampire. "Hold on. We know all about this, so you don't have to try and cover it up." He watched her place her gun back into her coat pocket before she pulled out a small vial and a lighter.

Her eyes met his and then Dean's just the oldest brother stood next to the brunette. "Who the hell are you," he asked bluntly, not bothering to put his gun down. He knew by now that he couldn't trust anyone, even if they seemed to be on their side.

The girl smirked as she uncorked the vial and then poured it over the body before throwing the lit lighter on the body. "Look here, pretty boy. Why don't we just say our goodbye's and act like this never happened?" She brushed past them and then walked to the bus doors. "You better get off this bus soon. I don't think it has even five minutes left."

It took a little before Dean and Sam registered what she meant when the heat of flames was only a few feet behind them. They quickly ran from the bus and back to the Impala, throwing their weapons in the trunk before starting the car. Dean could see the small silhouette of the girl walking down the road in his rearview mirror and looked to Sam. "Should we chase her? I haven't tackled a girl in a while."

That was when his phone went off. A curse escaped him as he pulled it from his pants pocket and saw that the alarm was going off, showing that their next mission needed to start now. How Sam had programmed it at the correct time, Dean would never know.

"Now what? We gonna head to Pearl-," Sam asked, but was cut off when an explosion was heard and the bus's side mirror flew past the Impala and into the field across the street. Dean's gaze went back to the girl and frowned. He didn't like that she got to his kill and sure as hell didn't trust her.

More than anything, he wanted to go after her and find out who she really was and what that Vampire was so shocked to see when he saw her shoulder.

Obviously, they were short on time and they couldn't do that. "Dean? Hey, man, you there?"

Dean smirked and then turned back to the wheel, turning his way around to head toward Mississippi. "Yeah, I guess we'll just have to pay her a visit when things die down." He turned his radio up, releasing Motorhead into the town's silent night air, while Sam pulled out the road map.

"I don't think she means any harm, Dean. Don't get so worked up over her," Sam teased as he leaned back. "You're probably just mad she got the kill before you did." Every now and then, Dean's competitive nature would show when it came to hunts.

"Yeah, Doctor Feel-Good. I'm majorly pissed about her taking my hunt. Now I'm going to cry and admit that I only want to kill as many monsters to have revenge and she ruined that. I don't know what to do, Sam!" Dean pretended to whine in agony, but couldn't go long for he started laughing. "Sammy, you're so fun to mess with."

"Yeah it's just too bad that I don't get a chance to pick on you. All of the girls seem to do that whenever they find out how 'small' your 'pride' is." Sam smirked as he saw that the drive would at least take five hours, probably three for Dean.

Dean lifted a quizzical eyebrow at his kid brother. "Small? Psh, if anything the girls complain that my 'pride' is too large. Can't fit into their 'schedule'." That left Sam speechless out of disgust.

"Gross, Dean. Really. That last part could've been left out."

"Could've. Probably should've. But oh well. What can I say? I speak the truth and like doing it."

Sam rolled his eyes as he began giving Dean directions to the closest interstate to get them on their way to the South. Again.


Meanwhile, Emma was sitting in her emerald green '68 Chevy Camaro RS. The two white strips going across the hood and trunk flashed beneath the lights as she drove down the highway. She couldn't believe that there were two guys that just so happened to come out of nowhere to get her hunt. There was no way that would happen!

Not unless someone had a twisted sense of humor. She sighed as she kept driving, not entirely sure where she was going at the moment. All she knew was that she needed to find another lead to find it.

She raked a hand through her hair as she looked to her phone, just in time to see the screen flash off. That meant that she had a text message. She rolled her eyes as she grabbed it and began reading the message.

Even after two years of using the damn thing, she already wished that it was gone. Cell phones were quite a nuisance, especially with texting. A simple call would've been best.

But she immediately pulled over as she reread the message for the third time.

" Date: January 3, 10:08 pm


Emma, theres somethin seriously goin wrong arnd Pearl, MS. Over the past week, 3 women & a few kids hav disappeared arnd the river. IDK whats goin on but I'm gettin rlly freaked. If u can, u think u can swing by & drive me 2 my mom's?

o-o-o-W/ <3-o-o-o


From: Shelby L. "

Emma deleted the message as she put it back in the passenger seat, feeling a little worried now. She had no idea what could target only women and children around such a place. Sirens or Mermaids would've worked if they victims had been male.

No, this was different. This was something that she needed to do research on instead of going with her instincts. She sighed and started driving again, flooring it so she could get there quickly.

She wasn't going to risk someone else stealing this one from her. This one might know something about her dress.




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