Cam's Adventure | By: Tosha Marie Sanford | | Category: Short Story - Adventure Bookmark and Share

Cam's Adventure

Cam is always finding adventure wherever he goes. Changing from a French Snow Lechvaman to a monster, he finds himself helping a girl name Kim. Kim lost both her parents and her left arm due to her fathers carelessness. Shortly after meeting Cam he runs off to Lechvaman Valley and becomes a Water Dragon Warrier. There, she is given a job apon taken a stolen Leoagon egg to a girl of a different race named Delilah. But apon doing so she is captured and kidnapped. Before being captured, though, she accadently sends the egg off to a young tenn boy named Demetry, where the egg hatches. Soon he finds out that the warrier who was incharge of the eggs safty was captured he heads off to try to save her, meeting Cam and Delilah along the way. Together the three must save Kim and face the battle of danger and darkness.

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