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Give me a chance

Its Monday when Michael and Elaine meet in her show (Michael is a guest star on her show) Michael talks to Elaine until they talked about love he asked Elaine if she likes him then Elaine answer yes. After their show, they went to a restaurant and talks about their future. One day Michael guest into a talk show and asked him if he’s dating then Michael said yes then they asked who is his celebrity crush then Michael answers it he said “ I don’t have celebrity crush but when I was 13 or 15 I had a little crush on Tracey”. After the talk show Michael saw Tracey shooting her TV show Michael watches her then Elaine saw him then asks what are you doing here I thought you are in the studio recording a new song? He answers “Yeah that was one hour ago” Tracey saw Michael Tracey asks “HI Michael and Elaine” Elaine answers “ Hi Elaine nice show… uhm actually we got to go” Michael “nice meeting you Tracey see you”. After  a year Elaine and Michael is fighting ‘cause he did not went to her house after that ( in the rain) Michael broke up with Elaine then she just said “ok fine what ever”. After two months Elaine and Melanie made a parody of Joyce and Tracey show on website (because she is jealous of Tracey) Michael is dating Tracey. However, Michael cannot make it alive on his own Elaine but after a month, Michael broke up with Tracey. Then After a month (Michael and Elaine are good friends now) John ask Charles did Michael know about this? (On the Internet Elaine dating Mark?) Charles answer I think not yet? Francis saw it then he went to Michael then he is said “hey big bro did you know your ex is dating Mark?” Michael “No, is she?” Francis “yeah check out this article!” John “Hey bro did you know about Elaine?” Michael answers, “That she is dating Mark? Yeah I know about it! Francis told me!” Charles “Ya!” rings Michael’s phone (it’s Elaine) “Hey Michael I’m  sure you know about  me and Mark?” Michael “Uhm…. (Trying not to cry) yes! I just red it I’m sure your happy with him? Elaine “Yeah ok so were cool… Uhm can we hang out with your brothers and Mark?” Michael “Uhm…. Yeah I’ll …I mean we’ll pick you up later!” Elaine “Ok see yah later!” At the Mall, Michael “Hey Elaine how’s life with Mark?”

Elaine “It’s alright, Hey Michael your fans!” Fans “It It’s the Villas Brothers with Mark Alcazar and Elaine Montez!” All of the stars “Oh no!!!!” John shouted “ Run!!!” Tracey saw them running (she is with Ryan) “Hey guys!” Charles “ Why are you not running ?”

Tracey answers “Try not to run or they’ll chase you more than you think!” Michael “Ok let’s stop running” Tracey “Uhm I was wondering since were all here now let’s hangout but John, Charles and Mark don’t have dates!” Elaine answers “Mark is with me the three are the one who doesn’t have dates and by the way, what are you doing here with Ryan are you together? “ Tracey “We are JUST friends” Elaine “ AS you said!” then they saw Joyce, Melanie and Mitchie they call them then they hangout for 5 hours ….then after a two months…. Elaine and Mark are fighting because Mark saw her with Elaine and they were in a restaurant …. Then after 30 minutes Mark broke up with her and then…… after two days Elaine is guest in a Talk show then they ask Elaine about their recently ex boyfriend Mark, then Elaine said that “ It’s just we’re not meant to be” then Mark said at his Face book “How many litter of tears would run out of my eyes?”…… After two years Elaine and Michael were in a movie, they were couple, and they will film the movie everyday for three months. One day Michael and Elaine went to a date and then Michael said sorry for breaking all his promises and want her to get back with him Elaine answers “It’s alright and ok I want to get back with you” Then John and Charles is happy for them.

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