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The Attack of The Zompires!

I will never forget this night.

 It was a cold dark somber night in late october.This night is so etched deep down in my memory that i don't think i could forget it,even if I wanted to.

 I was walking home late from an office party,and,as it was my habit,I took a shortcut through the woods to get to my home.

But, on this particular night I felt something was not quite right.That is when I heard a rustling in the trees!

I ran to the nearest large oak tree to take cover.

I could not believe what I was seeing! My eyea grew wide with horror as I saw these hideous creatures coming

toward me!

I ducked down,as they whizzed by me and headed towards town.

Being a concerned citizen, I felt it was my duty to warn the people.So.I picked up my cell phone and I called the police.

"Hello,is this the police department?"I asked ,trying not to sound to out of breath.

"yes it is,may I help you?'Asked the policeman.

"I feel as a concerned citizen I must warn you about something".I said, trying hard to sound brave.

"What is it?" asked the policeman.

"you are never going to believe what I saw."

  Well what did you see?'Asked the policeman

"I saw what I can only decribe to you as something out here in the woods that is half vampire and half zombie

So I would have to say a saw a Zompire.

"A zompire". said the policeman.

"Yes there were a lot of them they tried to attack me, and now they are heading toward town.You must stop

them".I said, shaking.

Then the policeman did something that took me quite by surprise.

He laughed!

"I can assure you sir,what you saw tonight was neither vampire,or zombie, but quite human.

It's Halloween.Go home,go to bed,you are quite safe".

He hung up.

I did go home. But i will never forget that cold dark somber night in late October.

The night of the attact of the Zompires!


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