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best friend for love



Why did I? To feel the fog in my throat,

            The mist in my face,

I was ever a fighter, so—one fight more,

            The best and the last;

For sudden the worst turns the best to the brave,

The black minute’s at end,

Fall by someone called my best friend

            Best dare in my heart,

            Best dare in my life,

There are times that I ask my self. Why?

            Why? That in every time that I’m hurt by someone,

There’s someone to care and cure. Why?

            Why? That in every time I’m in critic?

There she made a way to relieve for I. Why?

            Why? Did she change my feelings?

            From recrudesce but in felling wealth. Why?

Then why? She’s my best friend.

            My hope! My soul!

            My sight! My straight!

            My air! My life!

I heard my self. Why? Did I ask for for it…?

            She’s my best friend not frazzle not a fraud.

My feelings for it! Friendship for love?

            I know she’s mine,

            But not in my mind

But she’s in my heart…

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