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Ghost of the Alps

The Ghost of the Alps

December 16, 1953 Swiss Alps Switzerland

Carole Gosteli was on her way to her great-great grandfather’s cabin right beside the Alps, which was a dangerous place to live in her opinion. Think of all the avalanche danger! It was one of the oldest cabins in the town, built in 1743.It was always passed down from one Gosteli to the other, up until her father died. It had five rooms, two bedrooms, a kitchen, a parlor, and a newly added bathroom. But first she would have to get some food, unless she wanted to dine on thirty year old bread and cheese. She jokingly gagged at the thought.

She turned to the woman next to her on the road. “Excuse me ma’am, but do you know where the food store is?” Carole asked. “Of course I do!” the woman snapped “See the sign that says Supply Store? Head towards that!” “Thank you, I guess” mumbled Carole. At the supply store she got fresh food, enough to last her the 2 weeks she was here. Carole then got into her car and drove off to the old cabin.

She shivered when she got in. It was freezing! She flicked on the lights and turned on the heater. As Carole opened the cupboards to put away the groceries, a group of rats jumped out and ran off. She made a mental note to set up traps later on. Carole quickly finished putting away the food and her things.

She went into the parlor to sit down, and get the fire going, when she noticed a bookcase filled with her family’s diaries. She decided to read a bit of her great-great grandfather’s diary. So Carole scanned the shelves and found a diary labeled “Markus Gosteli”. She opened it at the very back. It was a habit of hers, to see what happens at the end of a book. She found his last entry.

December 16, 1853, Swiss Alps: “I have not been able to write for a few days now I have been so busy, but I will write down what happened as best as I can. As you know, my wife, Aurelie, has been mad for quite some time, and has recently been murdering all our family members that visit us. Well, last night, Aurelie got up, grabbed a knife, lantern, and gun, and walked out the door in only her white nightgown. Afraid that she would harm some one, I called after her, but then I saw she was not heading for the village, but for the mountains. I grabbed my warmest coat and boots, and hers to, and ran after her, but by then she was at the top of one of the lowest cliffs on the mountain, still a good 30 meters high. Suddenly, I heard a gunshot and she fell. As I raced to my dear Aurelie, I already knew she was dead. She had committed suicide. But tonight I saw a white, bloodstained figure in the storms…”

There it stopped. Carole was glad of that to, for it had been a frightening entry. She decided that a good night’s sleep would be best for her. Carole changed, washed, and climbed into bed, but she could not get the last part of the entry out of her head.

“Get a hold of yourself Carole, it’s not real. It was probably just the snow blowing in the wind he saw, and he probably imagined the stains” she scolded herself.

Though,” she thought “It’s strange that he saw a figure that night, then died three days later. I guess it must have been the shock of his own imagining and the grief that killed him. Poor guy.”  

So she went to the window to see the view, and to convince herself that there was nothing to be scared of, when suddenly she saw a lantern light, held by a white figure, coming towards her cabin. Confused, Carole shook her head and looked again. It was still heading towards her cabin. Carole was very frightened, and for a moment, she thought it was the ghost, but then she decided it was someone from the village. But as suddenly as it appeared, it disappeared.

Carole ran to the front door and locked it, along with the back door, cellar door, and all the windows. Then she dove back into bed and had a restless night.

The next night she was jumpier than usual, as she brushed her teeth and got ready for bed. She locked all the doors and the windows again, and the shutters. She tried to convince herself that it was because there were a lot of people that she didn’t know, and even if there was nothing here, she didn’t want to be robbed. “Or killed” she thought a moment later.

As she was drawing the curtains of her bedroom window she saw the figure in white again she froze immediately, paralyzed with a strange sense off fear. The figure started to walk towards the cabin, very slowly, making the suspense unbearable, like in a horror movie.

“It’s just my imagination…just my imagination…it’s not real…not real…not real…”  Carole whispered frantically, trying to calm down and see the logic of this. But she still couldn’t move, as if she had been drugged, for the figure had her under its terrifying spell.

As it got closer, she saw a large bloodstain, as though it were painted on the figures chest. Unwillingly, as if she were a puppet, Carole felt herself being pulled closer to the window, just as the figure rushed up to it. She could now clearly see its face, and it terrified her to the highest degree. She could see the bloodshot, wild eyes, the stringy black hair blowing in the howling winds, the too thin body, in the too large nightgown, and most clearly, the dagger in one boney hand, and an old-fashioned gun in the other.

The woman lifted her ghostly head up to the sky, and started to scream. It was soul piercing, it felt like it had almost shattered Caroles head into a million pieces. Thankfully all it did was break the spell she was under, and immediately fell to the ground, trying to cover her ears with anything she could find. Her hands, her robe, her pillows, and thick wool blankets, all they seemed to do was make the shrieks louder. She looked up to the window, saw the figure look down upon her and laugh at her pain, then disappear.

The screaming stopped, and silence was heavy in the air. All Carole could hear was her frantic panting breathe. It was a miracle she could hear at all! “Dear god…oh dear god…I’m alive…I’m alive…” she whispered to herself, still in shock. So old Markus was right, the ghost did exist, and it was her own great-great grandmother.

She suddenly remembered the diary entry date, and what she thought that night. “If he died two nights after he saw the ghost the first night, that means he saw her three times, and the third night he saw her he…wait, I saw the ghost that night and this night, so that means, tomorrow will be the third night…I’ve got to get out of here as soon as possible!”

The next morning saw her on the earliest flight back to Canada, where she reunited with her mother and fiancé. She never told them why she came back early, and locked all the doors and windows at night.

A year later, she and her new husband had their first child. Twenty-five years later, that child had a baby girl named Erika, who would eventually, return to a certain cabin in the Alps…

December 16, 2004 Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Erika Martin was on her way to her Grandma Caroles homeland, Switzerland, for her birthday trip. Having just turned twenty-five, she wanted to get away from it all.

 She also found out from her mom, that they had an old family cabin that now belonged to her. She was fascinated, and decided, instead of wasting money on an expensive hotel; why not stay at the old cabin? It was historic, interesting, right on the edge of the Alps, and would also save her some money.

She got to the old cabin, at around 5:00 pm. She unpacked her stuff, and took a look around. It was very duty, but with a good cleaning, it would be good as new!

As she went into the living room (or that’s what it seemed to be) she saw an open book on the table. she knew her grandma had stayed here once, and assumed that she had forgotten to put it away when she left. “That’s a strange looking book…oh! It’s a diary!” she exclaimed. She read the open page, with immense curiosity.

“Strange old man…poor guy was hallucinating, or he wouldn’t have seen this. Sad though, ‘bout what happened to his wife” Erika said to herself.

She then looked at her watch, and decided it was time to hit the sack. As she was about to get into the bed, she decided that she wanted the curtains closed.

But when she was at the window, she saw a strange, white figure in the storm, coming towards the cabin…

The End

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