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The story of a wandering dog

I'm just a mere dog. I have no parents, I have no family who wants to adopt me as their puppy.
I eat from garbages and sometimes I wait until the restaurants closed and sneak out their leftover meal.
Yes, i often get kicked and some children throw stones to me. I don't know why they do that, I never hate them or even bark at them. I just come closer to them and I want them to touch my head. They are afraid of me.
Am I that ugly? Yes, I know, I don't have beautiful coat like groomed dogs, sometimes i envy the dogs that are cared by a family.
They eat dog food, sausage and meat loaf. I even can smell it from here!

I often watch the kids often take their dogs for a walk. I watch them play. They throw a frisbee and those happy dogs run and catch it. Once a dog failed to catch it, I ran and jumped as high as I can. Yes! I got it! And I ran happily to the young boy to give the frisbee.
But the dog barked at me and his eyes said 'stay away! u r not welcome here!'
I just...I just want to play!

I am strong, yeah you wouldn't believe how strong I am! Once I wandered into town at night.
I saw some men load some packets from a workshop into a big truck. And I found the one packet was left there while the truck started to run. But the truck just went without noticing the leftover packet. I barked and barked, but they couldn't hear me. So i tried to move the packet with my teeth! Damn! it's so heavy! I didn't know what's inside, it's not food for sure.
I have a good smell of food. I know a lot of nice restaurant in town and I can know the food in a garbage came from what restaurant. See?
Then I tried to move the packet, inch by inch, i moved it to the side of the street. If this packet was in the middle of the highway, I believed there would be an accident.
I watched the packet all night long and waited if the truck would return to get the packet.

I was asleep and I dreamt.
In my dream, I saw a young boy biking his bicyle and suddenly he hit something and fell down. His bike was thrown to the other side. He cried and his leg was injured, i saw blood! no one was there. I watched him as he tried to get up, but he couldn't get up.
Then I run to the boy and sat there, I hope the boy could use my body to help him standing. But he just watched me and stop crying. I tried to smile, a big one! and you know what? the young boy touch my head and my back. I couldn't be happier than this. I licked his leg and cleaned his wounds. The boy smiled and started to laugh!
Then the sound of a car's horn made me jump! I jumped and woke up! It's morning already!
In front me, the same packet was still there. It's safe! no one steal it while I was asleep. I think I can become a guardian dog! Yey! I am strong and big! and I've got a good smell!

Then something hit me!that sucks! I lifted up my eyes and saw a man standing in front me and yell at me, 'go!you! ugly dog!'
I stood out and showed him my strong teeth, and i made a voice like this..'gggrrrhh....'..i just realized that i could make a scary voice like that! the man's face became white and backed off, he left his stick on the ground! Gosh! I won!
oh no! He called his friends, they were three! They had that long stick at their hand. Opss...I better run from them. "What on earth they thought they are doing??why did they want to hit me? I never understand human! I didn't take their food! Food? wait a minute! maybe they wanted the packet! and they thought I'm the thief!
Gosh! I was just a keeper! I wanted to return it to the owner! I'm just trying to be a nice dog...

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