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Down on the Marina.

                                   DOWN ON THE MARINA!


    I'm sitting down on the marina in San Francisco, looking out the window of

  my car.  I'm homeless. I've and got nothing better to do, so I just sit in my car and

  watch the people walk by or ride by on their bikes.  I've noticed a lady come down

  here four days a week with about eight dogs. She throws a ball in the water, and

  the dogs run after it.  The dogs look pretty stupid to me, but I guess they're

  having a good time.  There are two seals that like to come and lay out on the

  dock where the boats are, and there's lots and lots of boats.


    Today I notice a pregnant woman in a blue dress pushing a man in a

  wheelchair, and they're both wearing the same kind of hat.  Blue with white

  letters on them.  I start thinking, how did this guy get her pregnant?  I thought if

  your legs stop working that your dick did too... and then I started thinking, maybe

  she was in another relationship, but found this guy in a wheelchair and fell in love

  with the way he talks to her. Or maybe fell in love with the way he looks at her...

  because maybe when he looks at her, he really sees her... or maybe I'm just

  jealous that he's fucking and I'm not.  I'm not sure.  I mean I'm happy for him.  I



    At 10:00pm you're not allowed to be parked at the Marina, but that's kool,

 because I leave at about 6:30pm to go and do stand-up comedy.  Mostly open

  mics, but sometimes I get a paid gigs, and I'm really good. So good that I can get

 other open mic comedians to buy my DVDs.  I'm only good  on stage.  When I'm off

  the stage I'm not sure what to say, so I don't say too much.  I just ask people if they

  would like to buy my DVD. It's just a plain white DVD, with no picture and

  no writing on it, but I still sell them.  I only ask for donations, but if the donation is

  too small I won't take it.  I'm really looking for about ten dollars, but I ask for

  donations, because sometimes people will give you twenty, fifty, or even a

  hundred dollars for one DVD, because they think I'm worth it. And I am. 


    At the end of the night, and the comedy show is over, I like to go back down by

  the Marina and park across the street from the water in front of a big, bright yellow

  house. I think to myself I'm going to buy that house someday, and move in there

  with the girl of my dreams. She's an actress, who does stand up comedy too. 

  She's not very good at either, but she's the cutest girl in Hollywood to me, and

  she's got a sweetness about her. But I'm sure she's very shallow like most girls in

  Hollywood.  I don't care.  I just want what I want, and she's the one I want.  I never

  told her how I felt.  I just assume I got to make it first as a comedian or actor

  before I can worry about her. But I find myself day-dreaming about her all the time. 


    She comes from a well to do family.  Her Dad is a movie producer, but he's

  never produced anything of quality.  He's a hack, in it just for the money, not the

  love.  Her Mother is just a housewife, and she and her Mother are really close. 

  She's 25 and still lives at home with her parents, has never moved away from

  them.  I wish I didn't like her so much... or think about her so much, but she's the

  only girl who ever took my breath away.  I used to think that was just a thing that

  people would say.  Until one day I saw her and couldn't take a breath. I couldn't

  think.  It was like I was frozen, and I swear that's never happened to me before. 

  It's really a helpless feeling, and I like being in control of myself.  She's one of the

  reasons I left Hollywood and came up to San Francisco.  I was hoping to forget

  about her, but I think about her more now than ever before. And she's probably

  the reason why I'm not getting any pussy. I compare every girl that's interested in

  me to her, and I always think "you're no  __________ ____________". The girls must

  think I'm weird, because they'll throw themselves at me and I act like I don't know

  what's going on.  I hate just thinking about one girl.  I always thought a man

  should have more than one woman... but she's the only one I want. And I wish she

  wasn't, because she's just a fantasy.  I would never tell her how I feel, because I'm

  just a loser who sleeps in his car. 


   She'll probably marry some guy like her Dad...  a guy who produce bullshit movies. 


    And I'll probably die in my car.  I'm hoping right here in front of

  the Marina... so I can die somewhere beautiful.




              THE END!  Walton Jordan.

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