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My Valentine Gift from Him...

The time we spent together was very special.
No one really knew how much we loved each other,
to everyone else we were just another couple in high school.
On Valentines Day instead of buying me candy or a stuff animal,
he did the most sweetest thing.....
He came to my house at 6:00 in the morning and woke me up with a kiss on the cheek.
The first thing I saw in the morning was the guy I had been dating for the past 10 months.
He had a carnation in his hand and my clothes in the other. He told me to get ready,
because he had a surprised waiting for me. I got up in a hurry and changed clothes.
I thought that he would have some sort of store bought item waiting for me at school,
but instead he drove us out onto a hill so we could see the sun rise.
He had a picnic waiting for me with breakfast, read and flowers in the middle.
It was picture perfect.
As the sun was about to rise he picked up my face,
and said with tears in his eyes "I love you."
When everyone asked what he had bought me for Valentines Day,
I told them he gave me the best thing in my life....
he gave his love.
Till this day we are still together, and we love each other even more....

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