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One Love

Chapter 1

The Announcement

" Thank You for the wonderful dinner my friend and for such a nice welcome." said Emperor Hung as he raised his wine glass and toast. "To our undying friendship.." and simply looked at Princess Ysabelle. "And for the strong bond of China and Spain.."

Princess Ysabelle looked at her mother and ask.. "What is the man talking about Mama?" "Mi amor... You are too young to understand all of these... Some day, you will know what does the Emperor mean.." said Queen Jasmin with her lovely smile..


CHINA 1899

An old man was pushing his heavy cart with porcelain plates and other ornaments.. He's on his way to the market to sell his masterpiece. He was almost there when a young man, running from behind him. "Father! Father! why you didn't wait for me! That cart is too heavy for you!"  The young man,with a handsome face and shaggy hair stopped him. "Kaiser.. I am not old enough! i can still do this! Don't make me feel I am useless!"

Kaiser, catching his breath, said. "It's not that! you can wait for me so we go together!" 

His father was about to tell him something, when the Emperor's troops arrived. They all kneel down for respect. It was not the father, but the Prince Hung tsui ,a tall young man, full of power and wealth, riding his strong black horse.

"Good day villagers! I am here not to give you any money or any support you need! I am here to announce... In two days time, I will meet my future Empress.. Princess Ysabella of SPAIN! and I want you all to clean and make China a nice place for her!"

The villagers were quite surprise about the announcement. It was first in China that the future Emperor will have a foreign wife.. "My father, wished to have strong bonds with SPAIN. Me and her highness will make this bonds possible

The crowd kept silence.. They've been hating the Prince for such a long time.. His character was very far from his father. The Emperor was kind and dedicated to help these unfortunate villagers.

"You should show respect to my future bride, or you will suffer the consequences!

After saying this, he turned around and gallop all the way back to the castle.

"Make way for the Spanish Princess!hah  hah! "I will sell my best masterpiece!" exclaimed  his father.

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