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No Such Thing As Happily Ever After...

No Such Thing As Happily Ever After. Chapter one- I looked around myself trying to figure out where I was supposed to go for my first class. I tried asking for help, but people just kept passing me by. I sighed in frustration, and started to walk towards the office. But before I could get there, I felt a tap on my shoulder, well actually it was more of a sharp stabbing, but I guess I could get used to that. I turned around and found myself looking into the chest of a huge guy. I looked up, hoping by some miracle that he was going to help me find my first period class. "Hey new chick, we heard that there was a new girl in town, but we didn't know that she was so pretty!" Three other guys his size walked up. They probably would have been handsome (in the hot football player way- it you were into that kind of thing, which I’m not) if they weren't sneering at me. Anger rose red-hot heat into my cheeks. He seemed to take the anger as embarrassment, and it amused him. He chuckled darkly. "You’re not shy are you?" He was scrutinizing me with intense eyes. I knew that he was teasing; but the look he was giving me was so intense, that it looked as if he was staring straight into my soul. I shuddered at the thought. I shook my head meekly and looked him straight in the eyes. "No, not that it's any of your business!" I didn't like the look he was giving me. I started to back up a little. Only a little further to the office. "Good. Shy people don't do well around here." He said menacingly. His buddies laughed. I gulped. "The last new kid spent more time in a locker than a classroom!" I had to admit, I was getting more scared by the second. "You PUPPIES got a problem?" A musical female voice questioned. I turned to look where the voice came from, and I saw a girl about my height. She had dark red hair that had blond streaks in it, and her eyes were an odd violet color. She was stunningly beautiful, I remember wishing I was her, and she had pale, albino pale, skin; and dark rings under her eyes. She glanced at me quickly and her angry expression melted, then turned into a brilliant smile. Then her scowl returned when she faced the group of boys again. "What's going on Conner? Surly you haven’t lowered to picking on mew girls? That’s low even for YOU!" She said mockingly. I could have sworn that her eyes went from violet to crimson as she said this. "Why don't you but out 'smelly-Kelly'?" He sneered. I saw her get even madder. I was standing right next to her, and I didn't think she stunk. Actually, she smelled nice- she had an orange-and-Chocó scent. "You smell even worse!" She hissed. Her musical voice had quite easily turned very menacing, and full of venom. I was extremely shocked to hear that voice come out of her body. She quickly spun over and smiled. "Come on; let’s go find your class." We walked together for what seemed like several minutes; I couldn't help but stare at her, she was just so inhumanly beautiful! "Thanks for helping me out back there." I said, true gratitude showing quite clearly on my voice. She looked at me, surprised. "No prob, if they ever give you any more trouble, tell me ok?" She asked. "Ok." I smiled at her. I was getting ready to ask her something, but I had forgotten her name. "By the way, my name is Kelly." she holding out a hand with tattooed swirls going up her left arm. Only my first day and I’ve already got a friend. "Mine is Cataryzna, Cataryzna Grave." I responded and shook her hand. "Interesting name..." she said. “Well- here we are." "H-How did you know where my class was?" I asked, surprised. I never did show her my schedule. "Er, you showed me on the way." Her voice was strangely persuasive. "O-Ok then. Thanks." I responded, dazed. Maybe I would see her at lunch. "I'll save you a spot at lunch." She smiled at me. It was if she had read my mind. Then with a wave behind her shoulder, she was gone. I Sighed as I entered the classroom. Chapter 2 Finally, after a long morning of introductions, and scolding for being late, lunch arrived. I wasn’t hungry so I looked for my friend Kelly when I walked in. She was looking for me too. When she caught my eye, she waved encouragingly. I walked over eagerly. She wasn’t alone, two boys sat with her. She whispered to the one next to her, and without a word, he moved to sit across from her. The other one kept shaking his head, as if he were trying to clear his mind. I took my seat next to her, trying to keep my eyes away from the two boys. As soon as I sat down I could feel the tension, like a raging thunderstorm surrounding us. But when Kelly looked reassuringly into my eyes, calm spread over me. I looked down and played with my black and pink bracelets. “Not hungry?” She asked. I glanced back up, she was watching me closely. “Nope; you?” I asked as I fidgeted with my corpse bride clutch. She laughed a tinkling laugh that reminded me of wind chimes. “Nothing too unbearable.” She said. One of the boys looked at her sharply. She gazed at him, until he relaxed and looked down at the table again. I looked at him curiously. He suddenly tensed, and slowly raised his head to meet my gaze. I stifled a gasp. He was beautiful. There was no other way to describe him. He had dark hair that seemed almost blue and black at the same time. His eyes were a strange ruby color I had never seen. I suppose, to most they would seem sinister, but to me they were beautiful, like shining rubies. He also had the same dark shadows under his eyes. Despite the coloring he looked well rested. He was wearing a black "twilight" shirt and black jeans. Definably Goth. We stared at each other for the longest time, and then he smiled at me. His teeth were perfectly straight, and his canines were pointed. It wasn’t really unusual; I had seen pointed canines before. I smiled hesitantly back at him. Kelly looked first at me then at the other boy. “This is my brother Alexander. Alex, this is my friend cat. She’s new here.” He smiled at me again and offered his hand. I stared at it- dazed for a moment, and then took it. I felt strange warmth spread through me at his touch. “It is a pleasure to meet you cat.” He said in a soft musical voice, similar to Kelly’s. I liked the way it sounded. Kind and gentle, yet maybe a bit hesitant. I smiled shyly at him. “Nice to meet you too.” I said sincerely. "But I go by Cataryzna, not cat." He beamed as if I had complimented him. It took me by surprise, and I giggled. Me! I giggled! I haven’t giggled in forever. He sensed my pleasure and smiled at me again. “And this is my other brother Ben.” Kelly said. She was smiling at me, but I thought I saw a flicker of nervousness in her eyes. The other boy looked up abruptly and he too was handsome. And just like his sister….he had violet eyes, and shadows under them just like Kelly. He had blond shaggy hair, and he seemed sort of edgy. I noticed that he was a head taller than his brother. But he wasn't Goth like his brother or sister- he seemed kind of jock-ish. “Hello Cataryzna.” He said. His voice reminded me more of a playful growl, but still soft enough not to make me nervous. He was very tall, and pretty muscular. “Hi.” I said timidly. He was intimidating, and he seemed to know it. He immediately looked back down at the table. Finally I looked back at Kelly. “Why did those guys earlier say you stunk? You smell good to me.” I asked. She smiled. “Inside joke. Its not even funny.” she said with a roll of her eyes. “Um… ok. Thanks again for helping out earlier today.” I said “That guy was starting to scare me. He kept giving me this creepy look. It was almost like he was….hungry.” Alex looked up sharply. “What guy?” He asked with an air of urgency. His eyes were narrowed and his gaze was directed at his sister. He was suddenly rigid and alert. It surprised me that he was so worried. “It was Conner, but don’t worry I scared him away.” Kelly smiled at me. "Kelly, this is serious! That guy is dangerous!” He exclaimed angrily, and then turned to me “I’ll walk you to your classes, so he doesn’t catch you alone. Your schedule says we share a lot of classes anyway. Kelly was telling me what she re- I mean what you all talked about earlier." what was he going to say? I thought to myself. Not that I really cared, I could spend more time with him. He was so mysterious. I found myself drawn to him in a way I had never experienced before. I was so caught up in his ruby eyes that nothing else mattered. “Ok thanks.” I said shyly. He smiled at me again. I couldn’t get over how perfect his teeth were. The bell rang, and Alex stood up before anyone else. He offered me his hand, and this time I took it without hesitation. He grinned impishly at my enthusiasm, and turned to his siblings. “Ill see you guys later.” We walked out of the cafeteria side by side, and I could feel people staring at me. I sighed, it would be a long day, but I wouldn’t have to face it alone. Chapter 3 Finally! The day was over and Alex was walking me to my bus. Suddenly, he turned to me, and he seemed hesitant about something. He watched my face for several seconds before speaking. “Cataryzna, I was wondering if maybe you would like a ride home?” He asked nervously. He seemed eager and maybe even curious. Why I could not imagine. “Sure!” I savored the idea of not being forced to ride a bus of future murderers, and to spend more time with him. We started out of the building and began walking across the parking lot. I studied him silently. He walked fluidly and gracefully. He almost floated. I felt rather clumsy next to him. Quite suddenly he stopped. I looked at him curiously. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Cataryzna, you see that black convertible right there?” he asked. He had gone rigid again. His eyes were narrowed and dark, his face stone like. “Yeah, why?” I questioned. “I want you to walk toward it as fast as you can.” He was speaking very fast and he was starting to shake. “Why. What about you? Are you ok?” I was nervous now. He was acting like he had in the cafeteria. “Conner is waiting to ambush you; I’m going to have to distract him.” He glanced over at me oddly; almost like he was guilty. Perhaps said too much. “But....” How did he know that Conner would be there? “No Cataryzna! You have to go…. now! Please!” I hurried toward the car; I was only a few feet away when a strong hand grabbed my arm and yanked me around. Once again I saw that T-shirt, and looked up into the face of Conner. “Hey new chick, where are you off to in such a hurry?” He asked mockingly. His tone was mocking but his eyes were angry and serious. I looked around frantically for Alex, and I didn’t like what I saw at all. He was surrounded by Conner’s cronies. Alex tried to push through them but they weren’t going to let him through that easily. Suddenly they started fighting. I knew that Alex didn’t stand a chance, he was sorely outnumbered. However despite my opinion he put up a pretty good fight. Not good enough though, he was on the ground in less than five minutes. He tried to get up several times, but they kicked him until he lay still on the ground panting. He was yelling to me, telling me to run, and for Conner to leave me alone. “Well looks like he’s out of the way for now.” Conner said. He turned to look at me again. Then, still looking into my eyes, he pulled out a hand gun. He studied it quietly for a moment, and then pointed it at my heart. “I told you new kids don’t do well in these parts.” He said. He studied me and said, “It is a shame to get rid of something so beautiful though.” He said with a sigh. “Oh well…I guess you should have ridden the bus.” He aimed and I saw his trigger finger move. Suddenly a dark figure hurtled into Conner like a train. I heard the bang of the gun, and waited for the pain to follow. I waited for several seconds expecting to feel blood flowing down my shirt. It never came. I opened my eyes, and saw Ben and Conner on the ground. They were fighting over the gun. Eventually Ben got the gun and snapped it in half. Conner ran, and his friends followed. Alex ran over to me as fast as he could. “Cataryzna, are you okay?” He asked urgently. I couldn’t speak. I tried but my mind couldn’t form the words. The shock of my near death experience was sinking in. “I think she’s going into shock, we should take her to our place.” Ben said calmly. Quite suddenly I was very dizzy. I slumped to the ground, but Alex caught me, so fast that I grew even dizzier. How did he do that? I remember being carried to a car and placed in a seat in the back. Alex climbed in next to me. We drove for what seemed like forever. I remember laying my head against his shoulder, and falling asleep. Everything went dark as I struggled to regain consciousness. Then I let the darkness take me. Chapter 4 I woke up, and found myself in a comfy bed. I couldn’t remember how I got there. I sat up too fast and my head spun. I almost fell out of the bed, but a pair of gentle, but strong hands caught me. I looked up into the eyes of a beautiful woman. She looked a lot like Alex, but her eyes were a strange almost pink color. They were beautiful in a strange way. “Cataryzna, can you hear me?” Her voice brought me back to awareness. It was unbearably sweet and warm like melted honey. “Yes I can hear you. W-where is Alex?” I asked. She sighed. “You gave us quite a scare!” she exclaimed. “What happened?” I asked. “You went into shock, you’ve been out for quite some time.” the woman explained. “How much time?” I asked, afraid of the answer. “About three hours.” She said calmly. “Do my parents know I’m here?” I asked. “Kelly called and said you would be staying with us for the weekend.” the woman- who was she again? “Oh…ok. Sorry, who are you again?” I asked cautiously. “Oh of course! I’m Madeline, just a friend of the family. I studied to be a doctor, and Alex insisted I come make sure you were ok. Would you like me to send the kids in?” She asked. “Yes, but could you send them in one at a time, I’m still a little dizzy.” “Sure who do you want first?” “Ben. He is the one who saved my life, then Alex, then Kelly.” She walked out of the room and sent Ben in. He looked nervous for some unimaginable reason, and he slowly came over and sat on the bed next to me. “Hey, how are you?” He asked. “I’m fine, thanks to you.” I said. He smiled warmly. “I’m glad!” He exclaimed. “Let me tell you something, I have never seen anyone move as fast as you did when you hit Conner. I’m surprised he even got up!” He smiled, but didn’t say anything. I thought I saw a flicker of nervousness in his eyes. “I think we should let Alex in before he drives himself crazy with worry, he blames himself for what happened.” Ben said. He walked out, and about a millisecond later Alex ran in, Boy could he move fast! “Cataryzna! You’re awake! Are you ok?” He asked in a rush. His eyes were wide with worry and guilt. “I’m ok now, are you?” I asked. He looked ok, but I remembered the beating he received at the school. “Of course I’m ok, why wouldn’t I be?” He asked looking puzzled. He cocked his head slightly, looking at me in confusion. “Well let’s see, you got kicked in the stomach until you couldn’t move, and tried to fight five big guys single handedly!” I said exasperated. There was no way that he had not sustained any injuries in that fight. “Oh that, I’m ok just a little sore.” He replied his face going hard and flat. I looked at him skeptically. “I know something’s up.” I said “Your brother runs so fast it's not even human!” Alex flinched when I said this, but his face remained impassive. I continued. “You fight five boys, and don’t even have a scratch to show it! What’s going on?” He studied me silently. “Ill tell you later.” He promised. I opened my mouth to protest, but he held up his hand to stop me. A soft knocking on the door distracted me, and he was gone in the blink of an eye. Kelly took his place. “Hey, how ya doing?” She asked softly. “Good…….well better than I was.” I said. “Do you want to sleep? I can leave.” She said, noting my bewildered expression. I was still confused about Alex’s reaction a few minutes ago. “No, that’s ok.” I said. I was grateful for the company. Her eyes twinkled a little. “So you like my brother Alex.” She stated, obviously not needing to ask. “Is it that obvious?” I groaned. She smiled and nodded. “Do you think he likes me?” I asked. My mind strayed from my previous worries. “Yes, very much. I’ve never seen him so happy, or shy.” I smiled when she said this. We talked for hours about old boyfriends, cute boys around here, and a little about Alex. Well ok a lot about Alex. I felt warm when I talked about him. I started to drowse and Kelly immediately stopped talking. “You need some rest, I’ll let you sleep.” I was about to protest, but she held up her hand, smiled, and left the room. She gave me one more smile, and then she turned off the light. I drifted into a happy sleep, and began to dream. In my dream, Alex was standing next to me, on my right, and Ben on my left. It was like they were guarding me. Conner walked out of the shadows. I suddenly realized we were in a graveyard. Conner took a step toward me and Alex grabbed my arm. I turned toward him, and he looked deep into my eyes. I heard growling, and snarling close to us. I tried to turn my head, but Alex held my gaze. He leaned down, as if he were going to kiss me. He leaned my head back and stroked my throat with his long gentle fingers. He lowered his mouth to my neck, and bit down. I expected pain, but all I felt was a numbing cold spread through my body. Then I grew warm, warmer than I could ever remember being. I looked into his eyes once again. He smiled; his teeth glowed in the half light. I could see the pointed canines. I smiled back, feeling the sharp edge of my now pointed teeth. He leaned in again, and this time kissed me. I felt a current of electricity go through me. He leaned up and looked at Conner. "You’ll never have her dog." Chapter 5 I woke with a start. I could still fell the electricity pulsing through me. It was pitch black outside. I remembered my dream faintly, but the details slipped away by the second. I could remember Alex being there and…….Oh it was hopeless, the dream slipped away. I heard something to my right. I turned to look. “Oh!” I gasped; Alex was right next to me. He smiled impishly. “Did I scare you?” He asked playfully. I nodded a little. He laughed his soft, cautious laugh. He had changed into a dark blue shirt and baggy black pants riddled with safety pins and chains. “How are you doing?” Concern colored his beautiful voice. I didn’t know why he was always so worried, I wasn’t the one who got beat up, and he was. “I’m better than I was” I said quietly. He sighed. “Well…are you going to tell me what’s going on?” I asked. “You really want to know?” He asked. “I don’t know if you will be able to handle it.” I glared at him. He laughed his musical laugh again. He sighed and his face turned serious. “Yes I’m positive.” I said confidently. He nodded, thinking. “Do you like scary movies?” He asked suddenly. I looked at him suspiciously; sure he was trying to change the subject. He looked at me persistently, and I answered. “Yes, but I don’t see what…..” He raised his hand to stop me. I was getting frustrated with that particular motion. I was about to retort, but he gave me a look, and I shut my mouth. “Name all the monsters that you know.” He said solemnly. I looked at him skeptically, he sighed again. “Ok fine, there are werewolves, ghosts, goblins, zombies, and vampires.” He raised his eyebrows expectantly. He sighed again. “If I were one of those monsters, which one would I be?” He pressed. I thought of the pointed teeth. “Um…a vampire?" I said. He smiled, waiting for something. “What why are you looking at me like….”I stopped. Super speed, heals quickly, pointed teeth. Holy cow! Alex was a vampire. I stared at him openmouthed. His smile was sad, and he was tense. He studied me closely, gauging my reaction. “Wow…” I gasped. I didn’t know what else to say. He was looking at me expectantly again. “You’re giving me that look again.” I said nervously. Surly there couldn’t be anything else. “Well aren’t you going to run away?” He asked surprised. I looked at him uncomprehending. “Why would I run away from you?” I asked confused. “Well gee let me think, maybe because vampires drink blood!” He exclaimed, exasperated. I touched his hand, and felt familiar warmth spread through me. “Alex, how could I run away from you? You and your brother saved my life! Your sister is my best and currently only friend.” He stared at me. “You…you mean your not scared?” He asked, shocked. “No, I’m not. I don’t care what you are.” I said confidently. He studied my face, looking for the fear, the hysteria I should be feeling. He grinned suddenly. “You aren’t scared at all? What if I bit you? Or attacked you while you slept?” I shrugged. “Go ahead then, I’m not afraid. Don’t you sleep?” His smile disappeared. “Well yes, but we don’t have to, just a habit.” “Can I ask you some questions?” I asked nervously. “Sure.” He seemed confused, and hesitant. “If you drink…blood… how can you stand to be around so many people at school?” He grimaced “It’s not easy, but I only need to eat a few times a month.” I shuddered. “But there’s no murders, no disappearances on the news, well other than gang shootings.” He looked at me in surprise, as if I had said something completely random. “We don’t kill them.” He said “They hardly even know what happened to them.” “I don’t understand. Don’t you turn into a vampire if you’re bit by one?” I asked. “Well, technically yes, but for that to happen, you have to be in a graveyard at the time.” He said. I nodded, thinking. “Ok, how about that whole turning into a bat deal?” He smiled, and then he was gone. I looked up and a bat hung over me. I stared at it openmouthed again. Then it was gone, and he was sitting next to me again. “Actually, we can turn into almost any kind of animal.” I thought about that for a second. “Ok….do a puppy!” I said jokingly. He smiled, and then poof once again he was gone. I looked around for him, and found him sitting on the end of my bed. He was in the form of a small wolf pup. It was cute, and when I looked into its eyes they were identical to Alex's. I smiled and he turned back into himself. “Can I ask one more?” “Ok one more.” Then I told him about my dream. I told him about the snarling in the background, and when he bit me in the graveyard. He stopped me at that part. “Wait, you said you didn’t feel any pain?” He asked, incredulous. I nodded. “Where were we when this happened?” He was urgent now. “Um… we were in a graveyard.” He looked at me with shock. “I guess I should tell you the whole tale.” He sighed. “Vampires bites, to most are extremely painful, the pain only lasts for a little bit, but most the time it causes them to faint. Our legends say that there are few people who can accept a vampire bite, without feeling pain. The special people, who are immune to the pain, are a mix between vampire and human. The process to turn them only lasts a few seconds, and all they feel is a numbing cold. After there change is complete, they have all the traits of a vampire like super speed, great eyesight, hearing, and smell, and the strength. Then you also have human traits, like your ability to live off of human food. Basically, they can be a vampire, or a human, whenever they want. It has only happened once, almost a millennia ago. " “Well do think that is what will happen to me?” I asked calmly. He stared at me. “What do you mean? Do you expect to become a vampire anytime soon?” He looked bewildered. “As of right now I am in a house full of vampires, so it doesn’t seem totally impossible.” I said with a small laughed, kind of nervous. His face turned dark. “I won’t allow anyone in this house within ten feet of you if they even think about biting you.” He looked determined and confident. “You’re awful protective you know that? So tell me some more about you guys.” I said curiously. He blinked. “What would you like to know?” Chapter 6- "um, how about smells? What do I smell like?" I asked him. "You have a.... peppermint smell." he responded. "Really?" I asked and scrunched up my nose. "I’ve always loved that scent." "Yea, humans are usually attracted to the scents they smell like." he responded. "Are you serious? That’s cool." I said, and then I remembered something. "Can vampires read minds?" he smiled,” no. just certain ones that are connected to humans because they are hybrids. Half human, half vampire." "So Kelly..." I hinted. "Yes Kelly is a hybrid. She was born a half vamp. Her dad was one, but her mom was a human." he responded. I was WAY confused. "But, she is your sister, so you can read m-" I tried to get out, but he cut me off. "We just say we are related. Like... adopted siblings." he tried to explain. "Ben?" I asked. "He is her real brother." he said with a frown. "What, so your out in the blue by your self?" I asked. "Not exactly. but, now," he said putting his hand on mine.” I’ve got you." I grinned, "What makes you think I like you?" I teased. He gasped. ‘well then," he grinned,” get out of my house you smelly human." he played. I smacked his arm playfully. "actually," he said moving closer,” you smell rather nice." I leaned even closer. "Oh yeah?" "yeah." he said moving even closer, we were practically touching. "So?" I challenged. "so this...” he said and our lips touched. My heart skipped a beat. We kissed for what felt like an hour. Then I messed it all up. My stomach rumbled, that traitor. "How about we go get you something to eat?" he asked. I groaned," but-" he cut me off. "No, we have forever to kiss." he said pulling me up. He must not have realized what he said.” you promise?" I challenged. "Yes, now- shit! Ugh. You’re so annoying!" he realized with a smile. I allowed him to carry me down stairs over his shoulder, hoping this would never end. Chapter7- the grave kitchen was completely white. And when we walked in, a girl was sitting at the table. She had long blond hair and seemed like the kind of girl I would hate. She lightly taped her nails on the table, and then she gave Alex a "if looks could kill" kind of look- well, if he wasn't already dead. Kelly emerged from the other room, laughing. "What’s your problem?!" the blond snapped when she realized I was staring at her. Man, she was a complete prep! Kelly burst out laughing. Again. What was sh- "oh?" I realized aloud and chuckled. Mind reader. "Do we get to be in on the joke?" Alex asked with a smile. I glanced over at the blond.” I’ll tell you later..." Ben walked in from around the corner. "Love you chrysanthemum." he said kissing the blond on the cheek "hey, Alex- Kelly? Can you both come help me?" Alexander looked hesitantly at me. I nodded. "I’m gonna get me something to eat." right after they walked out side chrysanthemum grabbed me on the shoulder tightly, and spun me around. "If you get my family caught, I WILL KILL you." she said shoving me to the floor. Alex and Kelly ran into the kitchen and helped me up. "Leave her the hell alone!" Alex hissed at her. "I was just trying to teach her a lesson." chrys said smoothly. I felt a wave of nausea come over me suddenly. "Get her to the sink!" Kelly demanded. Alex ran me over to the sink and I threw up. Then, I passed out... I awoke to someone humming and stroking my hair. I looked up into Alexander’s red eyes, which seemed darker than earlier. I stared at them- puzzled. He smiled. "What?" "Your eyes- when’s the last time you feed?" I asked, concerned. He gave me a weird look. “W-what? Why?” he asked. “Your eyes, they seem darker.” I responded. He sighed. “Last month.” I stared at him. “Didn’t you say that vamps had to drink every couple of weeks?” “Yeah, I was hoping that you wouldn’t remember that.” He frowned. “You need to drink!” I grumbled. “I am fine!” he exclaimed. “No, being near humans makes you even more thirsty- and don’t tell me that I don’t know what I am talking about.” I said. “I. Am. Fine! I’m not even that thirsty!” He protested. I sighed. “What ever. YOU NEED NO DRINK!” He got up and stormed out of the room. After about five minutes, there was a knock at the door. I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes. “Come in.” He slowly opened the door and stuck a white piece of cloth through the narrow crack, and then he waved it. “I come in peace.” I couldn’t hold in my laugh. He came over and sat down next to me. “I’m sorry…” “It’s ok, and you don’t have to knock at your own house.” I said. He grinned. “Welllll… I was trying to be polite.” “You? Polite?!” I kidded. He laughed. “Yea Cataryzna. I’m an evil, horrid, sadistic vampire; who doesn’t deser-“he cut him self off. Then suddenly he smiled, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes. “What were you going to say?” I asked him. He frowned. “You know cat, you shouldn’t be near me. I can snap at any moment.” I saw the pain he had in his eyes. “vampires have special powers, right?” I asked. He looked at me with a weird look. “yea. Why?” I looked him dead in the eyes. “I KNOW you won’0t hurt me. I think since I am a sort of “half vamp” and I am in a house full of vampires; that I may be coming into my powers early….” He pondered that for a moment. “It MAY be possible….but, how doe-“he suddenly caught on. “Oh.” He said. “Yeah, and I think that dream I had was a premonition.” I thought out loud. My stomach rumbled, LOUDLY. Alex raised his eyebrows. Then it rumbled again. “I hear ya.” I said looking at my stomach. He looked over at me, obviously trying to hold in a laugh. I rolled my eyes. “Come on; let’s go get something to eat.” “’Kay ’Kay Kitty Cat.” He grinned. My heart swelled at the nickname he had given me. I leaned and gave him a kiss. I knew at that moment that we were meant to be together. Forever. Obviously what I knew and what would happen were two very different things. After all, as no one realizes, there is no such thing as a happily ever after…..
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