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The White Swan

Chapter 1
Title : The mighty Warrior

Long time ago in the city of Greece live a young warrior goes by the name William Spears. This warrior live his life as a wealthy men. All the women would want him. But he never set eyes on any of them. It's not that they're not pretty. Indeed they are pretty alright. By young William sees no use in them. They're nothing. All his life, he's been fighting and saving the empire from taken over by lodoss army. Living and serving the kings and queen, that's all that he will ever do. He do not wish to love. Because he does not want to be hurt.

On March 1. It was William 21st birthday. The king and queen celebrated his birthday with bashing party. There were games, music, and dancers. On the table, there were fresh wine, meet, pork, beans, soup, and delicious dessert. Him and his fellow men were gathering around the table and would drink away. "Let's drink my fellow men. Be merry for today is the happiest day of my life", said William. As the music continue to play and the men would be eating away. Stuffing themselves with food. After the fest was over. The fellow warriors was full. So they just sit there and watch those beautiful girls dance. Some of them even dance along for fun. But not William. He would just sit there and listen to the music. When the party was over, William went to his room to rest. He was tire, he was warn out for the day. His leg was no longer function for him. He would get dizzy every five minute because all the wine he drank. William was stoop to do anything but to lay there and sleep.

Months went by, days went by, nothing much would happen. Everything was the same until one day, William decided to go for a walk in the misty forest of Greece. Walking all alone, smelling the fresh flowers. He even pick one up to sniff at it. He does not see that his life was boring at all. Walking through the path of the forest. But then William saw some kind of a figure not far from where he is. William came closer for a look. It was a girl. William did not approach her and greet her. No No. As he stand behind a rock hiding himself from the beautiful figure up ahead. William watch every move she makes. But something was wrong. Something is happening to William. He started to sweat. What had happen to him. He does not know. His whole body would just shake. He never had this feeling before. It was to intense for him. Every time he would look at that girl. He would met. Is this surprising. Could it be. William is in love. He did not let the feeling get to him. Instead of standing there and watch her all day. He went back home. William was up all night. Thinking about something. He was writing something. As he pick up the piece of paper and read it out load. Thou saw a beautiful figure in the forest of Greece. Beautiful like the swan that swim across the lake. This beautiful swan cause thou's heart to race up and down. Thou think, that thou, is indeed in love.. He couldn't sleep, he kept on think about the the girl. Although he do not know who she is. But her present was strong. He wish that somehow he could see her again.

As time past. William had forgotten the girl. Him and his fellow warrior went out of the castle. They went into the city to look around. As they walk through the crow of people. Suddenly William saw that girl again. He never thought that he would see her again. He told his men that he would be right back. Then he ran after the girl. She was just shopping for food. She had to carry 3 bags. William approach her and ask if he can give her a hand. But she refuse. "It's alright, I can handle this by myself.", said the girl. But William did not give up. "You sure, that look pretty heavy for you. Come on now, let me help you. I'm offering my service to you.", Said William. Then she turn around and smile at him. "Alright then." So tell me, what's you name." Asking in a nervously voice. "It's Janay", she replied. William help janay carry her bags to her house. On the way to her house. It's like they know each other. Sharing his though with her, while she gaze into his eyes. William told her about himself and what he does. She was amaze. When they reach the house. He took the bag in for her. He was a gentlemen alright. Helping her carry the heavy stuff. She thanks him for his service. He thought to himself, is this it. No nothing. I must do something quick or she might slip away. "Hey janay, I heard there's a festival coming up soon and it would be in the village nearby. Would you join me?" William Ask. "Sure why not.", she reply. William was happy. He return to his fellow crew and head for home. The fellow warrior kept on seeing him with a smile on his face. One guy would ask another. What is he smiling about? But the other would simply say, who cares. He's happy about something of coarse. So of they go.

Chapter 2
Title : The Festival

William Spears did not know what kind of trouble he is getting into. All he think of was janay. The girl of his dream. He even made a poem. " Roses are red, Violate are blue. Janay, I think I'm in love with you." While William is day dreaming. On the other site of the land was the lodoss empire. And the person that William is madly in love with was the daughter of the King Lodoss. William had fallen in love with the enemy's daughter.

King Lodoss was just wondering why his daughter was so happy. He'd never seen her like this before. "HUM, She must of found someone she like.", he thought. The king ask her why is she happy. By asking that question, Janay told her dad everything. She told her dad how she met William in the town. And how his gorgeous eyes look into her. He just melt me. He told me that he saw me in the mist forest. But he was too shy to greet me. So he hide behind the rock, hopping I didn't see him. He's so sweet. The king was happy to see that his daughter was enjoying life and not be depress about meeting people and become lovers.

So finally the festival came. So William is all ready, and he's going to go pick her up. When we got their. He greet King Lodoss. "Hi sir, how are you doing. Is Janay ready yet?" "Oh hi, yea she's almost done. Come in have a sit. Want something to dream? Janay told me a lot about you." So they talk and talk. Finally Janay was finish. As she walk out of the dressing room. She look magnificent. She was wearing a white long skirt with little flowers on it. She looks like an angel. Her hair was comb down. She is so pretty. Janay and William said bye to Kind Lodoss and head for the festival. When they got there, they saw tons of rides, tons of food, music, dances. They just can't wait to have fun. The first game they play was, choosing the right cup. The guy had three cups and one rock. He put the rock in one of the cups and he switch the cups fast so no one would see it. Then he had people bet on where the rock is. If they guess it right. In prize, they will receive a teddy bear. William wanted to win the prize for Janay. He bet and bet and bet. But never got it right. He bet one more time and finally he guess the right one. So he one a teddy bear for Janay. She love it. The next game they play was bag racing where you have to be in the bag and race with others. If you win you will receive a ball. William and Janay anticipate in the game. They were ready for the gun sound. BAM! of they go. But William lost. After the games they were tired and hungry. So they went to get something to eat. Times went by. And it's pretty late. They both are pretty bum out. They had fun. But before they go home. The music start playing. It's a slow dance. So William ask Janay to dance with him. And she said ok. So they slow dance for 20 minutes. And at that time. William wanted to tell her how he felt inside. But he's not sure about it. What if she doesn't feel the same way. But then he'll take the risk. So he look in her eyes. Their two eyes met on another. Then William gently lift up her cheek. "Janay, I really had fun today. I hope we can do this again sometime. Look Janay, I want to tell you something. I start having this feeling when I first met you. It's overwhelming. And I don't know if this is the right time to tell you this. But would you be my girl.", said William. When William said those words, Janay was so overwhelmed by his speech. She said yes. And so William lift his hand upon her chin. And gave her a kiss. As he pull her toward him. With his chest touch her breast. And they kiss through out the night. William pull out a golden necklace. "Janay with this golden necklace I give you. Will now and forever reminds you of me your love."

Back home King James receive a note from the messenger. The notes was sent by the lodoss army. Telling them to surrender. The Greek Empire did not give up.. When William got home from dropping of Janay. The king told him about the news. And the battle between to empire is closing in. William is now the general and commander of the Greek Empire. He did not know that Janay was the one he's fighting against. The next morning. Janay went to see William. They were sitting on the porch. They were talking about how the festival was. And how she was happy to finally found the guy she's been looking for. But then she brought up the war. She ask William if he know that her Lodoss Empire is going to attack this one Greek Army. A shocking discover, Did William just heard that Janay belong to the Lodoss Empire. He told her that he's the general of the Greek Army. And she was shock. They both can't believe that this is happening. And sooner or later they have to fight one another.

William did not want to fight because Janay was his girl. So William walked up to her and hold her. He whisper to her, "Janay, I will always love you, and I will never leave you as love as I live. My heart is devoted to you and only you. And so they hold each other. How can they break the news to the emperor. If they would tell the emperor that they are seeing each other. They would probably be kill. But if they don't and keep it a secrete they'll end up fighting each other. It's very confusing for the couple. But they decided to tell their emperor. Maybe they could help this from happening.

Chapter 3.
Title : The Magic Spell

Janay and William hurried home.
Janay hurried and talk to her dad about the situation. She tried so hard to please him. But the more she try, the more determination he had. King Lodoss will never give up this battle. The battle to conquer the Greek Army. It's his chance of a life time. So Janay told her dad. "Father do you know William, the man that I'm with right now?" "Yes of coarse", he reply. Well I have something important to tell you. Please father, please understand me. If you attack the Greek Army, you are not only killing me but also William too. Please father. "Why is it your concern. I don't get it, If I attack the Greek Empire, how can I kill you and William. Can you explain to me?" And so Janay explain to her father. She told him that William is the general of the Greek Army. When King Lodoss heard what she said. He immediately stood up. "WHAT!", he scream. " What did you say. You are telling me that the man you are with right now is the general of the Greek army. I can't believe. I do not wish to see you with him no more. And if you disobey me. You will take the consequence." King Lodoss was furious with Janay. What will he do to his own flesh and blood. But Janay did not listen to her father and she told King Lodoss that she love him. And she will stop this once and for all. This even made King Lodoss more furious. "Guards! Send princess Janay to the chamber.", he commend.

On the other side. William told King James everything. King James was mad. He didn't expect this. Not at all. And now this happen. What will he do. " William Spears, for as today thou do not wish to see your present. So be out of my sight", he order. "Yes your majesty" William reply. King James did not know this at all. What will he do. "He shall have to choose between the Greek Empire or Janay the Lodoss princess." William does not expect what King James had in mind for him. All that came to his mind was the life if Janay. He was very worry of what will happen to her and how she's holding out. Is she ok. 2 days past and Janay was still in the chamber all look up. But then one of the guard came. "My princess, King Lodoss order to bring you into the mystical dorm. And there you will await for you punishment."

Janay went with the guard to the mystical dorm. There she stay. Her father walk in. "My child, this week you had upset me. And cause me to punish you. I will not take-off your head. But I will touchier your soul." There the king brought in the witch craft. "Spirit lifter, do your witch craft. Punish my daughter for a crime. Turn her into a swan.", he demand. "You majesty, I will do that. But remember, if someone would give the swan a kiss. That would break the spell and she'll be back to normal." said the craft. So the king step back and watch his own flesh and blood turn into a swan. The crafter threw dusts in the air. It surround the princess. He took out his wan and wave it around. Mumbling some words in his mouth. The princess was afraid. She scream and scream and scream. But it was to late. The princess is now turn into a white swan. A helpless swan.

Chapter 4
Title : The Cure

William did not know that princess Janay had been turn to a swan. He was mad. He wanted to stop all this wars. He wanted piece and to live in harmony. So he decided to charge into the Lodoss Empire and demand to see princess janay. " Princess Janay is no longer on this planet. She had been banish from this ram. So please leave before I call the guards on you.", Said King Lodoss. "I do not wish to leave this place until I see princess Janay, NOW!", William Demanded. "Then you leave me with now choice at all, guards take him down and leave him in the middle of nowhere to strangle." King Lodoss raise his voice toward the guards. "I will never leave this place never, not until I see princess Janay." As the guards came close to William and try to take him down. William refuse to stay down. He refuse to go. Until ten other guards came and bit the living &$^# out of William. They drag him to an empty desert and left him there. William was unconjous.

When William finally woke up. He did not know what happen and where he is. There is no city here. Just sand, bunch of them. "Where am I?", he wonder. He kept on walking and walking, trying to find a way home. He's been walking for 2 hours now. He became weaker and weaker. But later when he thought he couldn't go on any more. He saw a city up ahead. Then he head toward the city. When he reach the city he faint from dehydration. When the civilians saw him laying there. They rush over and help him up. They carry him into the shade, far away from the sun. They were nice enough to give him some water and a place to stay for awhile. William stay at the village for 5 days now. His wound is now almost completely heal. The villager told him to lay down and rest. Don't disturb the wound or it will get worst. He rest. Two more days past. The wound on William's body was healed. And now he can go back and find princess Janay. When he reach the castle. He saw the king and queen. He bend down the greed them. The king & queen were worry. They didn't know what had happen to the general. Sudden he disappear. But now he's back. And everybody was happy. Except for one person and that is William. William was very happy. Because he couldn't find princess Janay anywhere. But he did not give up. He ask everyone in the village. But know one had seen her. She disappear. William kept on trying to find her. But he couldn't find her.

He was hurt. Hurt bad. He remember back when he said he didn't want anyone because sooner or later it would end up in a heart break. And it did. Janay left him. William was down in the dump. He took a walk in the misty forest. Thinking about the first time when he lay his eyes on her. She was so beautiful. Just like a swan. So pretty and graceful swimming across the pond. He continue to walk. He does not know where he was going. He doesn't care if he's lost. He doesn't care about anything anymore. His life is now over as he knows it. And no one could save him. The only person that can save him was princess Janay. He walk to a little pond near by and sat on a rock. From there he would start to cry. He miss her. He miss her so much. His heart felt like it's going to ripe apart. When he look up. He saw a white swan coming out of the bushes. He stare at it for awhile. He thought to himself. What a beautiful swan, reminds me Janay. As he look at the swan swimming in the pond, his eyes were surrounded with tears. Tears from his eyes drip down causing the pond to vibrate in strong motion. The swan wasn't afraid of William. The swan swim closer to William. William reach out and touch it. But then he realize that there was a necklace around the swan's head. " Where is this from? It looks like the necklace I gave Janay awhile ago. How does this swan have my necklace?", he murmured.

William went home and analyze the item. It's his alright. But why does the swan have it. That's strange. Hum. This is getting weird. How does the swan have the necklace. He kept on thinking about it. Then suddenly he had this one crazy idea. "What if the swan was Janay. No one else would have the necklace. Only Janay have it, because I remember that night when I gave the necklace to her. It's gotta be Janay. But how can it be. She's a swan. I still remember when King Lodoss said she had been banish from the ram. She is no longer on this planet. But how can this be. I just don't get it. I must seek help.", he mumble. William went to a magic shop. There he seek for professional help. He try everything that comes to his mind. But nothing make sense. But there's one more idea that he haven't try. He told William the secrete. "Listen young men, this spell is cast on the princess. And it can only be broken by a kiss from that person she loves.", the guy reguest.

William took the guys word. And hurried to find Janay. There he saw her in the pond swimming around. It's like she knew he was coming. It's like she's waiting for him. When the swan saw William. She swam over to him. " Janay, I know this is you. I could tell. Give me an answer please." Then he kiss the swan. A flash of light appear on the swan's body. And the swan figure was slowly transforming into a human figure. It was Janay alright. William was so happy. He tug her over and hold her so close to him. He told her that he thought she's dead. And he will never get to see her again. But she told him that she will leave him. What ever happen she will always be with him, forever. They were both happy. As he looks into her eyes he gave her a kiss. The curst was over.

Chapter 5
Title : The Death of Two Lovers

King James heard about the news. He can not believe that all this is happening. He order the guards to locate both Janay and William and bring them back to the Kingdome alive. After a few hours. The guards return with William and princess Janay. The king was mad. He look straight at William. His eyes was burning with anger. And he force William to make a choice.
"WILLIAM! Thou know you love princess Janay. But you two can not be together for she is our worst enemy. One day she will kill us all. You must end this relationship immediately. You have two choice to make. The first one is to stay as General of the Greek army and live a wealthy man. The second choice is to choose princess Janay and lose everything including your own life.", said the King. "Now this is my sword, take it. And show me what choice will you take." William didn't know what to.

William can not believe that the king would give him this 2 choices to make. This is ridiculous. He had made a vow to princess Janay that he would never leave her all alone. He loved her. He can never give her up. He would rather die then would leave her helpless in this empty world. "Now, are you going to make a decision or not! If not then I'll make it for you" The king pointed at William with a disrespectful attitude.. So William pick up the sword. He told princess Janay that I love her, and he will get up everything to be with her. And how it's happy that he got her. After saying all those words. William took out the sword and place it on his neck. "Fair well my love, I love you". SLASH! The sword penetrate William's flesh in a second. Princess Janay scream, She came and lifted his head up. She told him that she would never leave him. That no else would take his place. As for that. Princess Janay was very upset and didn't know what to do. She really wanted to be with William but not like this. So she took the sword from William's hand and stay it right to her body. Blood rushing out of her skin. Dripping. The king and queen rush down. "I can't believe that he would take that way out. What a true person. Determine to give up everything for a person. He is honor." said the king with his face down.

King Lodoss hear the news that his daughter was dead we was mad. And so the next day he round up the Lodoss Army and charge to the Greek Empire. Fires are thrown all over the place. Arrows are shoot from random places. Hundreds of body lies on the ground. The prince of Greek can take it no more. All this time he had been behind the shadow and did not say anything about all this. So he came out and scream STOP, STOP, STOP. "All you warriors, stop fighting please. Listen to me. We can not do this forever. We must have piece between two empire. We already witness the death of two lovers. They scarifies everything just to have piece. We must respect that and we must respect them. So lets end this horrible war and start over. We must let the two spirits of William Spears and Princess Janay see that we had made their wish came true. Bye bringing to Empire together. So their spirits can walk free on earth with out any worries." the prince speak out to the warriors. One warrior agree not to fight. So goes another one, and another, and another, and another, and the numbers went up. King Lodoss of the Lodoss Empire and King James of the Greek Empire and agree not to fight any more and stay piece.

The war was over. The two empire were join together. Now the two spirits of William Spears and Princess Janay can rest in piece. They don't have to worry about any way any more.

The End
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