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The Thing from the Unknown part 1: First Sight

In 1967, there was a young mistress named Jessica that loved to go into the woods.   She wished to meet the perfect guy.  When she wished, she saw something fall from the sky.  She ran after the falling thing.  When she got to the crater, she saw a tall man that had everything she was looking for.  She walked up to him, and asked him, his name.  He smiled, jumped on her, and bit her neck. She was screaming, while blood was gushing out of her neck.  He was laughing, while she was screaming.  A group of farmers started running towards the girl’s screams.  When the farmers found her, she was in pieces.  They could not find the killer anywhere.

42 Years Later

There was an eighteen year old named Shane that found out he was a werewolf.  He didn’t know what to do.    Shane was different from the other werewolf.  He didn’t use humans as a food source.  He ate raw meat, and thought that he would never tell anyone his secret.  Then one day he found someone in school that he could tell anything to.  Her name was Stacy.  Stacy was an outsider, and she was the nicest person on the earth.  He wasn’t sure at first, if he should tell her his secret.  He started to talk to her to find out different things about her.  He started to give her hints about his secret.  Then he found out she was destined to die.  So he decided to tell her that he was a werewolf.  Shane started to tell her everything about him, when he sensed that another werewolf was around. He saw it was going to kill Stacy.  Shane decided after school he would follow Stacy and when the werewolf would try to attack her, Shane would kill the werewolf.  Shane followed Stacy to keep her safe.  Then Shane found the werewolf, and started to fight it.  Shane threw it through a couple of trees.  The other werewolf punched Shane right in the face and stomach.  The fight lasted two hours.  Everything surrounding the battle were mostly destroyed.  Shane was bleeding all over the place with the head of his enemy in his hands.   Shane saw Stacy watching him.  Shane didn’t know what to do.  A few moments pasted, they did nothing.  Then Stacy ran right into Shane’s hands, and started crying.  Shane was surprised, but happy she still wanted to be friends with him.  Then out of nowhere, a figure came out from a tree and started laughing.


To Be Continued…..

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