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The Thing from the Unknown part 2: The Safe House

Shane was weakened by the battle, but that didn’t stop him.  He grabbed Stacy threw her on his back and ran for their lives.  He didn’t know where to go and didn’t care right now.  He took Stacy to her house to get clothes and to leave her parents a note.  Stacy was crying because she would miss her family.  Shane was afraid of taking Stacy with him, but he knew the thing will go after her.  He found a barn out in the middle of the woods.  Stacy was hungry and tired.  Shane went to get food and drink.  Stacy was wondering how to become a werewolf, so she could help Shane.  Shane got to the barn, and saw figures near it.  He tackled the figures to the ground, and found out it was his old friends, Jessica and Alice.  Shane told them his situation, and they agreed to help Shane.  Shane, Jessica, and Alice went in to the barn.  Stacy was going to run away when she saw Alice and Jessica.  Shane introduced them to Stacy.  She asked Shane if they can talk alone.  Shane and Stacy went outside to talk.  Stacy told Shane to turn her in to a werewolf, so she can help him.  Shane told her that he could not do it because she had a family to think about. He knew she would not give up on this subject, but he didn’t want her to be like him.  Shane and Stacy went in the barn.  Alice and Jessica took Stacy outside to tell her that they will convince Shane to turn her.  Shane was sitting there when out of nowhere; a figure jumped out of the shadows and attacked him.  Alice and Jessica pulled the figure off of Shane.  Then Shane recognized the figure; it was Shane’s rival, Mark.  Mark told them about the Royal Family was killed and Shane is now the ruler of the werewolves.  Shane was so shocked by that statement that he fainted.  Shane woke up to Mark laughing at him, and Stacy worried about him.  Shane decided to go on his own to find the thing.  Everybody told him that he should not do it.  Shane left and started to find it.  Shane went to Stacy’s house and his house.  Then he went to the battle site.  Then it was there right in front of him.  It started laughing at him.  Shane ran at it with all he got.  The thing knocked Shane into the ground with one quick movement of its hand.  It started to walk over to Shane.  When out of nowhere, Alice threw the thing through a couple of trees.  Then the thing disappeared in the darkness.  Alice picked Shane’s limped body and went to the barn. 

Two Weeks Later

His eyes finally opened to see her face.

To Be Continued……

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