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type story hereThe excitement that Natalee Baxter had about the design
contest was still with her as she arrived at The School of Fashion Design.
She had been driving for over an hour, but her mind kept imagining a dress with her
own label on it. Natalee thought about the fashion contest and how much she wanted to win.
She had worked hard on a pattern for the contest and it was now complete. But a shadow of doubt lingered over her
happy thoughts. That shadow was Corinne.
"If only I could be you for just one day, Corinne, life would be easier.", Natalee thought.
She envied Corinne for seeming so sure and confident of herself. It just did not seem fair when she had to struggle to get
the most of her talents.
Corinne caught sight of Natalee and waved. "I know something is wrong. If only she would talk to me." Corinne looked forward
to the design contest but regretted the strain that it had put on her friendship with Natalee. She tried to dismiss the thought and concentrate
on her design for the contest. Her dress design was classic. A rose-colored jacket and skirt. She planned to use a wool blend fabric and fully line the inside of the jacket and skirt with a silk blend lining.
The skirt had a pleated sash and draped gracefully to the knee. Her pattern design was for the petite to misses size as Corinne was quite petite herself. The wool blend fabric would need to be dry cleaned to maintain the crisp lines of the design.
Corinne met Natalee by the entrance of the school and they rushed to their first class of the day, Pattern design. Natalee still felt insecure about her design pattern. She envied the other students who all seemed so sure and confident.
Miss Eileen, the instructor, began class today by discussing the themes
of the design for the contest patterns.
"Natalee Baxter", Miss Eileen announced, "Will you come up to the front of the class and discuss your design pattern theme?"
Natalee walked up to the front of the class with her design pattern in hand. "The design I plan to use has a holiday theme. The dress is perfect for the woman who wants to appear festive at holiday get-togethers. My dress design calls for an amethyst silk blend material with long-flowing sleeves, empire collar, tulip skirt--streamlined, to handle a curve. It could be accented with pearls and pearl earrings. As I have accomodated for most pattern sizes, any woman could wear this design."
Natalee finished her discussion and waited for a few questions from the students.
"Why did you choose an amethyst color for your design?", one student asked.
"Green or red are so predictable for a holiday theme and I wanted to be different. Also amethyst hues are very flattering to almost everyone and it works
well with the idea that I have in mind." , Natalee replied.
Miss Eileen gestured for Natalee to take her seat. As Miss Eileen walked toward the front of the class, she stated, "Natalee has a good point here about color. It expresses the mood or spirit that you wish to express on any given occasion. Let's suppose you did arrive at the party in this dress. The color shouts out, "Wow!, Notice Me! I'm a fun gal!" or something like that. Just have some fun with color and design and remember there are no bad ideas."
"Also", Miss Eileen added, "Students, before we go on with our discussion, I would like to give you a few details about the Fashion Design Contest. It will be held at the Champagne Palace. The local news coverage will be there so be prepared
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