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Tears for Tomorrow: Part One

Chapter one 



I stepped out of the front seat of the shiny black mustang. My casual skinny jeans dressed down my sleeveless purple blouse and black, four inch heels. I could hear the music playing at the party from the front yard, as I walked toward the door with Emily and Christina, both wearing similar outfits to mine. Jared Matthews opened the door and I walked in to the coolest party I had ever attended.

“Heyy, Hannah! Awesome Party!” I said to the host.


“oh, and happy birthday.”

“Thanks… again. Oh yeah, there’s somebody I want you to meet.” She said it suspiciously, and I knew what she was up to.

“Hannah, are you trying to set me up again? Because I already told you, I don’t need a boyfriend.”

“I know you don’t, and I’m not trying to set you up. I just think you should meet him, well, you’ve technically already met him. He goes to your school.”

“Fine. But this is the last time I’m letting you do this.”

I let her pull me away from the people I had come with. Hannah was always trying to set people up. Especially me, since I had never had a boyfriend, that made me her main project. We walked up to a guy, and I recognized him, though I didn’t talk to him much.

“Lindsay, this is Zack.” She repeated the obvious.

“Heyy Zack.”

“Heyy Lindsay.”

“have fun!” Hannah said in the voice that scared me, because it meant she would expect there to be details for us to talk about later. But as always, I knew there wouldn’t be.

“Sooo…” I said, not really sure what to say next.”

“Soo… do you want to dance or something?” he asked unsurely.

“well… depends if you’re asking me to dance, or whatever the “something” means…”

He laughed, and I could tell my stupid comment had made us both more comfortable.

“Well, I think… I’m asking you to dance.” He smiled, and I did too. And I was pretty sure I blushed.

“well then, I think… I’m saying yes.”

By the time we got to the dance floor “fall for you” was playing.

We laughed, and I blushed all night.

“Bye, Lindsay.”

“Bye, Zack. I guess I’ll see you at school on Monday.”

“Yeah, I’ll be there.”

“haha, me too.” I added.



I walked back to the black mustang, where my seventeen year old sister was waiting to pick us up so we would all be home by curfew, because we rarely were.

Tonight had gone well. I had danced with a hot guy, and gotten his phone number, although, I definitely didn’t like him as more than a friend.

I went home and went to bed, after the lecture from my parents about getting home on time, and my dad overreacting when my mom mentioned I had been at another party.

Since my dad was a police officer, everytime I came home from a party, he would make me walk in a straight line, which was extremely difficult on nights like this when I was really tired.

Once I got past my overprotective parents, I put on my favorite purple and white polka dot pajama pants and a tank top and started rereading my favorite book until I fell asleep.

                 The next day my parents didn’t even try waking me up to go to church with them, because they knew I wouldn’t go. After I managed to find a pop-tart to eat for breakfast, I grabbed my backpack from the old recliner chair in the middle of our family room.

               I opened it, and stared at my books for a minute, trying to decide which torturous subject I wanted to start on first. I finally pulled out my brand new eighth grade social studies book, and opened to the vocabulary list at the end of the chapter. After mindlessly copying vocabulary words for half an hour, I started working on algebra, and then science. I decided to take a break before starting on literature and health. I thought about texting Zack, but decided I might seem a little obsessed, considering I had just seen him eight hours ago.



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