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No Cure

(This poem begins with a phrase printed on a T-shirt. "I see dumb people."

You see dumb people?
I see dumb people, too.
The dumb person I'm looking at
Happens to be you.
You're loud and obnoxious,
Annoying and rude,
Outspoken and ignorant,
Opinionated and crude.
You get so defensive
Over nothing at all.
What happens when that pedestal you're on
Begins to fall?
You begin to realize
You're not the queen.
If you think about it,
You'll see exactly what I mean.
What you think is not the bible,
It is not you people worship,
And frankly, we've all
Had enough of your lip.
So close your mouth,
And open your mind.
You'll discover it's amazing
What you might find.
People might start to like you,
Well, I guess that's not for sure.
For crabby, nasty people,
There just is no cure.
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