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Pain Away

This song was written just today, January 5, 2010, completed at 1:10 am in the morning. My wife has a friend who got into something way too deep for himself, something no one expected, and I have a friend going down a similar path, only I have a chance to stop it, and I used the pain from both experiences, both situations to make this song, these words are all from the heart, and I know some people can identify with this situation. It's a Rock song, the first set of Rock lyrics I've ever completed, but there is a Rapping part, so it's Alternative with a bit of a Hip-Hop feel, it was needed. I imagine either Chris Daughtry or Chad Kroeger singing this song or both, and me being the one performing the Rapping. This song has very high emotional tones to it, and I'd like to see it at least performed, even if I'm not apart of that, because it speaks so many volumes to people's hearts. Thank you and I hope that no matter what the situation, this helps.


Pain Away

I wanna take, take the pain away
I'm gonna wipe all your tears away, don't cry,
Cause I'm wanna take, take the pain away,
I'm gonna stand strong for you again, so dry.

Verse 1: Singing
I've, I've, I've, I've seen the news,
I don't understand, what happened to you?
Why, why are things so damn changed?
Where did our friendship go?
Why didn't you come to me?
How did it get to this point?
What stopped you from coming to me?
I can't get it oh boy, I thought we were friends,
Thought I was someone you would confide in,
Someone that could save you from the lying,
But now your family's crying,
And there's no more denying.


Verse 2: Singing
Your eyes are full of water,
I know that life gets harder,
And now I see all the bars,
You got shackles placed on your arms,
Sitting behind a steel gate,
Stuck with a dark fate,
A path I couldn't see you follow,
That leads to no tomorrow,
And the pain that you've caused now,
Will be with you life, in and out,
With no way to escape it,
It's glued too your name........but


Bridge: Singing
Dry your eyes,
Wipes the tears,
I've been your friend,
For all these years,
Why couldn't you,
Come to my ears,
Tell all the trouble,
Show me all the pain,
I was standing here,
Just call my name!!!!!!!!

Verse 3: Rapping
I'm standing here, and I wanna hear,
What you have to say, place it on these ears,
Let me hear the words, speak them to me clearly,
I'm gonna heal your soul, just get here quickly,
Allow me to see, the hurt that bothers you,
You don't have to hide it from me, I'm here for you,
Just let it flow, release the tears,
Let loose the pain, that's why I'm here.
If not, then what was our friendship all these years?
Open up to me, come one make it clear,
I need to know what lead you astray,
So I can bring peace to you and the rest of your days,
Speak to me, say what you need to say,
Before it's too late, before you chance slips away...

Chorus Outro:
I'm gonna take, take the pain away,
I'm gonna wipe all your tears away, don't cry,
Dry your eyes.........

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