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Purple princess

"Dear dad...I wish you were here with me,I really like Georgetown but I miss you and Kyle a lot...by Kyle,I mean is he studying alright?Or is he just chilling with his friends?Remind him that his junior year semester is ahead...remind him that his big sister misses scolding him a lot...I love you daddy...take care,call me...Love Karoline.."- Karol wrote the mail to her dad.She let out a big sigh.Its been two weeks since she's in Georgetown for her studies and she misses San Diego where her dad and brother lives. Karol's roomate,Nolie,the dramaqueen,is texting her boyfriend.All she does is text.....Karol looks at the clock,its 8:00 pm.She says to Nolie,"Nole,wanna go out for dinner tonight?"Nolie looks through her golden framed spectacles and says in a bothered tone,"No..I am in a serious position with Jason.."Karol sighs and says,"Are you breaking up wiith him...again?"Nolie doesnt bother answering the question.She is really busy texting.Karol takes her purse and her cell and goes to the nearest diner.She orders two coffees and a sandwitch.Two coffees are for staying up late tonight.She's got a midterm coming up.Suddenly,from inside her purse,her cell vibrates.She takes it out and sees a missed call.Unknown number.Strange...who can this be?Karol sees a text too.It's probably dad.She clicks the button.Hey,its not dad!Its from that unknown number.She reads"Feeling lost cant find a word to say.......your friend.........."Karol frowns and mutters,"Junk!"She pays the bill and hurries back to her room at the academy.
                                                Nolie's eyes are bright.Sparkling and ahining.Karol enters the room and asks,"Hey,whats the matter!"Nolie happily answers,"I did it!"
-Did what?
-Broke up with Jason!
-No way!
-Yes way!I said it! I am free!
Karol feels happy for Nolie.Poor Nolie has been suffering her bf problems since ages..and this guy was tough!but Karol's glad she's out of the way!Karol and Nolie chat for a while and Nolie turns out the light and goes to bed.Nolie turns on he lamp and takes a textbook in her hand.Just then,her phone vibrates again.She looks and sees another message from that  stranger."Please Karol...please..."Karol frowns and mutters,"Who the hell are you?And how do you know me?"Karol calls the numer.After fie tones,someone picks up.Someone in a dreamy matured voice says,"Hello?"Karol says,"Excuse me sir,but someone from this nuber is texting me,its really not gentle."
The man fro the other line says,"Sorry miss.I was the one texting you."
-How do you know me?
-Youre in Georgetown like me...arts first year,like me...
-Stop bothering me please!I dont even know you!
-Oh I'm sorry...I didnt know I was a pain...
-Yes you are....and now,let me study and you should study too!
-Karol..hello...hey Karol.......Karoline Elizabeth!
-Who are you?
-Invisible man...
-Are you toying with me?
-Yes babe...
-How dare you!I might tell the principal you know!
-Tell him....
-Who in heaven are you?
-Your boyfriend...
-I have no boyfriend!Now leave me alone!!
the boy starts laughing.What a lovely voice...how can anyone laugh so manly?Karol shivers in the guys tone.She gentl asks,"Who are you?"The boy whispers,"Good night princess...hehe.."
                                     Karol couldnt sleep all night.She tried telling the matter to Nolie but then she thought its stupid and foolish.......Karol recieved three messages when she got up in the morning.These are:~
1.Dear Karol..your voice is just as angelic as your beauty.....Call me more often babe..
2.Why are you so quiet?Call me..or dont you have the guts?
3.I cant sleep without hearing your voice...please Karol..I am desperate...
By getting these Karol gets really angry.She calls the guy.When somebody picks up,Karol yells,"You rascal!No shame!Flirty boots!Potato head!Why dont you show up like a man!"All Karol hears is the laugh....the laugh which keeps her awake all ight.She is going crazy.The more days pass,the more she grows horrified about the messages the boy leaves.One night,about 2:00 am,Karol gets a call.
-Good morning Karol..
-Good Morning?What kind of joke is this?
-Why cant you just talk to me?
-You are rude and a real jerk!
-You mean,you'll talk to me if I am a gentleman?
The phone drops.Karol listens to the beep for a while.She enjoys when the boy talks.She says to herself,"Why did I have to say that?"Just then,a call comes again.Karol hurrily picks up.
-Hello?Mystery freak?What happened?Did your line interrupt?
-Hello miss.I a Keneth.Nice to meet you...
-You are Karol right?
-What is the meaning of this?
-I am really ashmed to bother you at night...am I disturbing?
-Karol,you asked me to be gentle right?
-Oh my gosh...you are so desperate!You are being gentle now?
-yes....now will yo talk to me?
-What is wrong with you?Why do you want to talk to me?
-I like our......uhhh....voice......umm...yeah thats it.....
-Why are you echoing?
-i..uhh..I am......
-uhh...yes Karol?
-You have a good laugh...
-Geez thanks..I mean...I....
-Well this is odd...
-Listening to your nervousness..what happened to bad boy?
-hahaahhaa...you are still chocking...
This is the first time Karol laughed at the guy.Keneth led out a deep breathe and sais,"Wow.......you are an angel......."
                                                              As days pass,Keneth calls Karol more.karol never saw him but can tell that when they talk,he's near...they have become good friends.Karol one day was sitting under a missletoe and talking to Keneth.Keneth said,"I can see you,you know?"Karol looks around her but there's no one.Karol yells,"Ken!Where are you?"Keneth smiles.He whispers,"If you wanna see me,I'll come to you right now and I'll kiss you under the missletoe...."Keneth begins to laugh but Karol begins to blush and yell,"Its not funny!Where the hell are you!"Keneth whispers,"My God Karry!You have turned red!No purple!Havent you ever kissed anyone?"
-poor you...dont worry..I'll do the job...
-Shut up!!Idiot!Have you kissed?
-No..but i have experiences......
karol blushes......keneth never kissd.Neither did she.When will she ever see him?
Finally the day came...Karol saw him.And to her delight,he is HOT!!!!!!He's got sandy and greenish eyes which poets say are liquid eyes...he's got pretty lips which always remains wet...Karol is not bad either.She's a blonde and her golden eyes mesmerizes evey guy...karol and Keneth kissed for the first time leaning on a resturant wall...karol almost lost control but Kenneth whispers,"hey hey hey..dont lose your purity yet babe..there's still time.."Karol turn red wiith shyness...Kenneth Whispers,"My purple princess...I love you..."
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