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Both Sides of the Looking Glass

We work and we die
And what is it for?
Sometimes I feel as though
I can't take it anymore.

Oh, no, is she talking about suicide?
Someone help her before it's too late!
Keep her from joining up
With some cult like Heaven's Gate!

The world is a crazy place
Too busy for me.
Sometimes I wish I could leave it all
Just let go and be free.

What does she mean by free?
Does it mean she's going to steal?
Knock off a seven-eleven
Just to see how it would feel?

My life is so full of stress.
Too many expectations to live up to.
Sometimes I have to wonder
If I'm going to make it through.

Today's youth is just so lazy!
Too many expectations? Well, maybe,
But we keep you in school so you don't mess up your life.
Get pregnant at age 16 and have a baby.

No one thinks I can make it on my own.
They treat me like a child.
They think just because I have the chance,
I'm going to go out and be wild.

What does she need to go out for?
At that age, school should be her main concern.
Their number one priority
Should just be to learn.

There's more to life
Than what you learn in books.
You shouldn't judge a book
Soley on how it looks.

She has her whole life ahead of her.
Why must she race?
They don't understand
The whole world isn't a nice place.

I just want to have fun.
Forget how hard life can be.
Travel the world
And find the sights to see.

Is she talking about running away?
Living on the street?
Lord only knows what kinds of people
She's likely to meet.

Listen to me
And try to comprehend.
You're not understanding
The message I'm trying to send.

I don't want to kill
And I don't want to die.
I don't want to run away
Though I can't explain why.

Not everything I write
Is meant to be a metaphor
And if you keep overanalyzing
I won't write anymore.
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