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                                          EYES OF THE MIRROR


        As I look into the mirror, I see so many flaws. My hair, my dark circles around the eyes. The long crooked nose, and large unstraight teeth. As I see my self I think of all the names you have called me.

I see such pain, though I know this is me, Where am I. Have I let your words turn me into the mean person

you say I am. As I look at my hair, missing the long blonde hair i used to love. Feeling that I have been robbed of my own self. What happened to the person I used to know. Maybe you seen me for what I really

am. Does the devil truely house with in my soul? Why so UGLY? What have I done? A large knot forms in my

throat, making very hard to breath, as tears start to role down my checks. I try to take a deep breath and it

takes every once of strength I have. I raise my hand to wipe, my face. Then I tell my self STOP!!, YOU are

acting like the crazy person he said you where. I start to focus on my blue eyes, as I look deep into them, I

start to see my two beautiful children, the love I have for them. I see the love that I have for strangers, even

people that has done horrible things in their lives I have always been the one not to judge, to pray and look

deep enough to see the good with in them. For this is when my life started to change. I realized that I was

nothing you said I was, I had not lost my self to the devil. I am not crazy! Though I have made a really big

mistake. For I have gave so much love and gave so much to people around me, that I have gave nothing to

myself. I am always first to point out the good in everyone but my self. No one has let me down but me. For

You do not hold the power over me. I have the power to my life. For if we do not see our good how can anyone

else.?I we do not have respect for ourselves, how can anyone else? If we do not love ourselves, how can anyone else? For the mirror does not lie, we may not look in the right places that matter. But for the only true

place that matters is with in ourselves, not our hair, features, color,it truely is with in the eyes deep in our soul.

For people and the world can take our features through stress, abuse, and anger. But, no one can take any

of our power to respect, love, honor or the good with in ourselves. Take time everyday to stop your buisy life,

look in the mirror of eyes, deep with in and remind yourselve of who you are, that you are a gift from god, that

you are amazing in your own creative way,and remind yourselve that you are worth respect, love, and a smile.

Please look past the image and see the "EYES OF THE MIRROR".

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