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Made Of A Man

                                                              Made Of A Man



                                The longing to feel your skin touch mine. The longing to feel your lips press against mine. The longing of your soul to combine with mine. As you lay me down, putting your hands above my shoulders. Looking at the curves of your muscles as I look at you over me. The feeling of my back starting to arch toward your body. The touch of your lips touching mine, and the feeling deep in my soul as our mouth starts to open. The desire to feel you enter by body, the pressure of you touching everything my body is desiring to be touched. The sudden feeling of you and i becoming one. Feeling as the first time. The feeling

of our souls becoming one, as they unite us working together to get to the top of our explosion. Feeling as

though our souls are working toward that magnetic force. As we get closer to that force the feeling of loosing

control. To the point that we both surender to that magnetic force that takes over us sending us into millions

of tinny peices exploding in the air, as we lay and feel the numbness of our energy pulling our souls back with in our bodies. For this must be true love. For this is why I know I was Made Of A Man, from a man, my soul mate that was chosen for me at the began. Yes you where the one he chose for me. And I was made from

you. For this my love is why i long for you every day, and long for your touch!!!!!


                                                   This is dedicated to my soul mate





                                                          With All My Love




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