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The one he wanted to marry

            The room was quiet, and everybody has been waiting for this moment since they arrived. The lovely bride was looking exquisitely beautiful today on the altar, (since today is her day, and she is been planning it for a long time, she made sure she was perfect). Her husband to be was standing right in front of her just the same way couples do while waiting for benediction from the priest or imam depending on their faith.
               Just at the moment when the priest started reading the legal rights and duties that marriage involve, she made her entrance and tried to make her way in the first available seat that she finds. It was not in her intention to bring attention upon her but too late, her shoes betrayed her. While many heads kept turning to check the object of the commotion, she felt her feet becoming more and more heavier as she couldn’t find any seat available, and more heads kept turning. Just at the moment she was thinking about giving up, a gentleman offered her his seat. She thanked him with her warmest pretty smile ever, like to say "thanks for saving me."
         For the occasion, she spent hours looking for the perfect outfit. Not too much, not simple she told herself before the shopping. As soon as she entered "Forever Young boutique" on 16 Park Row Avenue, she knew she has finally landed at the right place, and she will leave the store satisfied. Her gut didn't let her down and judging from the quick and appreciative looks, she knew she made the right choice.
            She was late because of Ehmran. He had to help out a friend in need and now here they are, late but thank God they haven't exchange the rings yet. That's the part that nobody wants to miss during a weeding anyway. Whatever comes before that is just tiring.
            It seemed like he has been staring at her forever and couldn't take his eyes off her. She was beautiful as usual. When he sent her the invitation card, he feared she wouldn’t be able to make it. She never confirmed it either. She was wearing a short (up to her knee) lovely light blue dress that molded her perfect body. That's another reason why he admires her so much. She knows how to dress. For a second he forgot why he was standing there, what he was doing or better, what he was about to do. How could it be???
            Like in million years dream, he heard his name but he didn't want to wake up. Finally, slowly, he came out and muttered some excuses. Then he heard the priest ask" would you take this woman to be your wife?  To cherish, and love her? From sickness to ......" He couldn't hear the rest. All he knows is his heart is telling him to do something and he has to do it very fast.
To everybody's astonishment, he left the altar running and locked himself in the first room available on his right....


Edna has feared this the moment she knew Dee was coming to the weeding. When her brother told her that he has invited Dee at his wedding the next thing that came out of her mouth was "are you out of your mind?" He smiled and assured her that he knew what he was doing and Dee wouldn't stop him from wedding Grace. Edna tried as much as she could to believe that but she knew he was lying to himself and she knew him very well.

She was the first one to run after her brother:

     -Noe, open this door

     -Ed leave me alone

     -Noe, please don't do this, you can't back out now, we are here for you. We have been all waiting for this moment. You have come this far, why do you want to ruin everything???? Come out and take your responsabilities.

          All he gave as response was a silence. More and more people have started coming to find out what was going on. Humans are always nosy. Grace in disbelief but still hopeful and courageous found her way and tried to reason him but all she received was a silence as well.

         Dee was still seating at her chair and blaming herself " I caused this, why did I even come in the first place?? I shouldn't have come. I should have listened to Ehm. Now, I need to fix this or I will not forgive myself. I have to make him see the reality once again. He is such a baby, oh boy. I got to do this, I got to do this, I got to do this...."

Right at the moment she was emerging from the chair, she saw Edna grabbing her by her arm.

  -You know I love right? And you are my friend and will always be, but please go in there and break this curse once and for all. It doesn't matter if it is either you or Grace. All I know is my brother is getting married today. So go in there and get his ass out.


         Even at this point of events, Dee could still smile. She is always smiling. She spends 95% of her time laughing, making jokes and trying to make people around her happy. She gave Edna her "watch me at work smile" and left her. Edna couldn’t but smiled back despite all. It was hard not to fall in love with Dee. And God knows she understands her brother very much. If only things have been different, she would have been her sister-in-law a very longtime ago, and would have made her an aunty by now. Unfortunately, things have not been quiet simple for them.


 "Excuse-me, excuse- me sir, excuse-me… »

 She finally made it through the crowd and started knocking at the door.

  "Noeli, it is me, open the door."

  She is the only one who calls him like that and get away with it.

 He knew she would come and was smiling victoriously. Languidly, he opened the door to the bewilderment of everybody. You can hear “oh he opened the door, he is coming out,” or “this is becoming interesting,” or better yet, “are we in a movie or something??” He dragged her in the room and closed the door behind them. With a looming look he pressed her against the wall.


   _ You still call me Noeli? I thought I have forbidden you to call me like that

   _ You know me man, it is hard for me to let things go.

   _ That makes two of us then. We are both so much alike.

-      Why are you doing this Noe???

-      You are the one I need to marry Dee; I can’t allow myself to think about losing you to another man. You are my life, my wife. We built our worlds around each other, remember???

-      That was the past Noe.

He took her hand and placed it over his heart.

-      My heart is still beating for you Dee, you know it, and I know it. Why make the biggest mistake of my life?

-      I heard that once Noe, but the next day, I remember you leaving me and getting engaged. You knew back then what you had to do to avoid the biggest mistake as you call it. You knew what to do yesterday, just like you know it now. But your love wasn’t big enough to make the sacrifice. You took your decisions. You thought running your head down into marriage was the right decision. But you know what Noe? I have learned form the best, I have learned from you. Life is about making choices and when you make them you assume. You made a promise to me, and then you turn back on me. You gave that beautiful young lady sitting out there the same promise. And you are turning back on her also. Will you continue running away? Is that how you want to live? When will you start seeing the reality in face? Our story was good and probably the best one while it lasted but now you need to woke up. You asked me to go, you asked me to set you free. You asked me to allow you to love somebody else. You asked me to allow you to be a father. You asked me everything, my love, my life, my mind, my soul… I gave you everything. What else do you want now???

-      I can’t live without you Dee. I know all of this but the truth of the matter is I can’t live without you. I just can’t live without you.

-      Noe wake up, open your eyes. You are living without me. You took a different path away from me the day you told me you were married. That day, like India Aries said in one of her songs, “I thought of all the bad luck and all the struggles we went through. How I lost me and you lost you.” But I have learned to live without you. It is true that I have missed you many times but I succeeded taking you out of my mind, and you should the same. Many times, I have thought “It should have been me walking towards you today, in the beautiful white dress, ready to love you, to cherish you and be by your side ‘til death tears us apart.”

-      Why are you using the past tense?

-      Noe wake up. We, you and I are in the past. I don’t hate you. I have forgiven you a long time ago. I have moved on. I care for you and wish you all the happiness. And I know you can make that woman happy so you are going to do me a favor right now. Go out there, and make me proud.

-      But Dee, I can’t live without you. You can’t do this to me. If I go out there it is to you I am going to get married to.

-      Don’t make me laugh, stop being silly, I was yours and you chose to lose me. But today I am somebody’s.

-      Who’s? I am going to kill him.

-      Lol, you are still funny. Let’s get out there, present your excuses nicely, and let’s finish all this once and for all. You are boring your guests you know. That’s not good.

She almost reached the door when he grabbed her and before she knew what was happening, his mouth covered hers. She let herself go and saw herself 7 years back in the past at their first kiss. The only difference is at the first kiss, he was timid not knowing if she was ready or not, but this time he was kissing her devotedly, with all his soul, passion and heart as to tell her, “actions speak better than words, I need you back in my life, please forgive me, I was a stupid jerk, I will never know true happiness without you.”Her hands found their way behind his back naturally and right at that moment, Ehm flashed through her vision. She stopped for a second, thought about what they have going on. She looked at Noe with a serene face:

-      My love for you was incommensurable. I loved you so much, but I am somebody’s now. I wish you all the best and may you find true happiness. Like I said before, my offer still stands. You can always send your kids to vacation to me. They will always be welcome.

Before he could get back to his senses, she was already out. He could see her smiling toward this tall gentleman. Who could that be?

-      Are you ok Dee?

-      Yes, I am fine.

-      Are you sure? Do you want us to go?

-      No, Ehm. I am fine.

She looked at him seriously and for a second he feared the worst.

-      You are a very good man, Ehm. Did I ever tell you that?

-      No, you usually don’t (with a scary voice). What’s going on Dee?

-      You are a very good man. You give me unconditional love and I thank you for that. I am sorry for all the pain I have caused you. For all the sleepless nights I have caused you. Would you ever forgive me???

-      What are you talking about Dee? What’s going on?

-      Just listen to me please. Millions of women out there dream of a man like you. I had you since day one right on the platter of gold but I never realized it. I thank God that he has finally opened my eyes, and I am grateful. I want to make you a promise in front of all of these people today (giving a circular look around here.) A while ago, you asked me to marry you and I asked you to give me time to think about it. You asked me a second time again, and you received the same answer. I made you go through hell, will you ever forgive me?

-      Dee, I don’t know what you are talking about. All I know is I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I don’t want anybody else to be the mother of Ehm Junior except you. The rest is not important. Take all the time you need. I will always be here waiting for you, to catch you when you fall.

-      Do you still have the ring? If not, it is not important. These people will be my witness. Can you ask me again in marriage please? Lol

In disbelief but hastening on his knees, Ehmran pulled out from his pant the 18 carats ring that he bought 2 years ago when he first asked Dee to marry him. Since, then he has carried the ring with him everywhere he goes hoping and thinking “you never know when was going to be the right moment.” 

-      Dee T. Since I lay my eyes on you, I have never been able to take them back. Loving you everyday makes me stronger. Since that day, I have longed for you to be my wife and the mother of my children. You are the source of my happiness. Would you accept to make me the happiest man on this world and continue giving me the reason to wake up every morning and smile at the world?

Dee couldn’t help the tears coming down on her cheeks. She couldn’t understand why it took her this long to finally realize how much she loved him and is grateful he is in her life. Joining him on her turn on her knees,

-      I promise to love you everyday more and more until death tears us apart. I promise to be the best mother to your children. I promise to be the best wife ever and make you proud. I promise to make you the happiest man on this earth.

Before she could promise more, he reached for her lips. She welcomed them with passion and love. They forgot where they were. All that matters right now is their happiness. If not for the cheering all across the room, they could have stay in the same position forever as they didn’t want to break that tie for nothing in the world. Then, she realized they were at Noe’s wedding and they are stealing the spotlight. They quickly got up.

-      Congratulations. Come give me a hug. I am happy you found happiness. I can be happy now.

Noe hugged Dee firmly like that was the last time he was hugging her or like he would never see her again. Then, he gave Ehm a hard man to man hand shake.

-      You are a very lucky man I hope you know that. And if you don’t take a good care of her, you will regret the day you mom gave birth to you.

-      Hi Noe, nice to meet you. I am glad we finally meet. I have heard so much about you. Don’t worry about her. She couldn’t lend in better hands than mine, I can assure you that. But I think it is time you make somebody happy also. (while pointing at Grace sitting right next Edna)

-      Yeah, I think you are right. And I understand much better now why Dee chose you.

Noe walked away grabbed the microphone on the table. He didn’t really know where to start from but he knew he owes an apology to everybody.

-      I don’t really know where to start from but I will please beg of you to hear me out. Life is about making choices and assuming them once those choices are made. I feel bad I just acted like a coward few minutes ago. But I am a human being and we all make mistakes all the time. I would like to thank you all for coming out and would like to present you my sincere apologies for the little distraction where I played the leading role right now. Grace is a wonderful woman and many times I convince myself that I don’t deserve her. She deserves a better man.

Walking slowly towards her he continues

-      She has giving me so much of everything and the foolish I am I was all that time blind

Now he reaches her and goes on his knees

-      If you accept to give me another chance, I promise to love and cherish you the rest of my life. I promise to be a better man, husband and father. Grace would you please forgive me and give me another chance? Can we take it back from where we left it?

She was still crying and didn’t want to hear any of his plea. Still thinking about the humiliation he just put her through. But, Edna murmured few words in her ears that seemed to have calmed her down. She slowly reached on her feet and started moving towards Dee. She reached for her ear.

-      Thanks for finally cutting off the spell. I am grateful. Thank you.

-      You are welcome Grace and you look gorgeous in that dress. Sorry for all the pains and troubles I have caused you. I wish you all the happiness in the world because you deserve it. You are a beautiful woman Grace, inside out, and I know you will take a good care of him so no need for me to warn you. Lol. Now, go enjoy the rest of you day. I have spoiled it enough.

She walked back to Noe and took his hand and together they walked back in front of the priest who united them forever until death tears them apart.


( hey you all. Thank you for reading.This was inpired by a real story. He is still in luv with Dee but he had to marry Grace. There are moments in life like that when we are not masters of our decisions anymore. If you like it, let me know. Leave me comments. Thanks for reading once again.)




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