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                  A Short Story By Spencer Caro


Three men in dark black suits walked into a small, rundown restaurant on the outskirts of town. The restaurant had a burnt out sign that would’ve read if it were on: “WAFFLES’ MAIN.” One of the three men by the name of Gilbert was brought here against his own will. The three of them were business rivals, and their bosses had wanted them to bond at a breakfast restaurant. But to keep their rivalry straight and not to complicate things, they did as their leaders told them to, but all sat spread apart.

It was around 7:00 AM when Gilbert and his rivals entered. The others’ names were Frank and Samuel. Samuel was the one who actually recommended the restaurant. Frank had agreed because he loved the place. Gilbert was dragged here because he was outnumbered. The restaurant was empty, except for the three men, and a waitress behind the counter. Samuel sat down in a booth, Frank sat a table, and Gilbert sat down at the counter. Gilbert looked up and saw a woman who looked the age of 20, with dark, heavy eyeliner and dark hair.

          She looked at Gilbert and simply said, “May I help you?”

          “Yes,” Gilbert replied. “There is no menu to be located at this place.”

          “That is because you don’t need one,” she answered. “Because all we have here are waffles.”

          “No coffee?” Gilbert asked worriedly. Coffee was a habit of his.

          “No,” the waitress answered. “All we have is plain waffles. NO syrup, nothing else.”

          Gilbert sighed and said, “Okay, I’ll have two of your biggest waffles.”

          “Coming right up,” the waitress said as she walked out.

          She walked back in around 10 minutes later with a plate of two big waffles.

          Gilbert started eating and said, “These are delicious!”

          The waitress smiled and said, “If you come back tomorrow with your friends and add a bit more payment, I’ll put syrup on your waffles.”

          Just then, Frank came over and asked, “Well, how’s the restaurant? I’m so glad Sam recommended it!”

          “So am I,” the waitress whispered to herself.

          “Hey, Frank! The waitress says if we come back tomorrow and pay a little more, she’ll add some syrup!”

          “Okay, I’ll come with you and do that tomorrow around seven of the clock. I will go ask Samuel if he’s interested.” Frank walked off with his statement and came back thirty-seven seconds later.

          “He said no, but you and I can come tomorrow and get our syrup.”

          “Then it’s set. Miss Waitress, we are returning tomorrow at seven of the clock.”

          “Okay, I’ll be here,” was her reply, and the three men left to their work buildings.




          The next day at exactly seven of the clock, Gilbert and Frank walked in to receive their syrup deal.

          “We brought our extra payment,” Gilbert said happily.

          The waitress turned around and looked at them.

          “Good,” she said. “Have a seat.”

          The two men sat down, and 15 minutes later, their waffles slobbered in syrup arrived on two shiny, white plates. The two men ate, and enjoyed. Suddenly, a disturbing feeling rushed through them. They both fell to the ground, their hearts petrified into one eternal place, never to move again. Samuel walked into the restaurant.

          “Did they fall for it?” he asked.

          “Yes,” the waitress answered happily.

          “Good,” Samuel said, pleased with her. “Now come on, sis. Let’s ditch this dump.


                   THE END… now put the pieces together

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