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Valentines Day Love

Valentines Day Love


It’s a Monday morning when the teacher tells everyone to find a partner but guy to girl. Then all the boys only go to one girl that is too close to them and then Mack and Jae asks Hazel but she answers Mack. Then after than the teacher told everyone to pick a love song and sing it as a duet and then write some letters to each other. Then when Hazel and Mack heard they blush because they have a crush on each other. Then Hazel asks Mack if he know the song “When you look me in the eyes” then he answers yes but after that, the teacher tell all of them that the song and the card will be passed on Friday. Then after that Jae wasn’t talking to Mack at all. Then when Hazel’s friends find out that she’s partner was him they keep teasing her.  Then after the class Mack and Hazel just keep talking each other about the card and the song. Then after the talk she asks him to go to his house to practice the song. Then after that day Hazel and Mack has been close for the whole week, she wasn’t able to talk with her friends because of practicing the songs and trying to write a card for each other. Then after the 3 days of practice, they sang the song then they read the card they wrote for each other then when she was at the last part of the letter, she saw the question was “Will you be my girlfriend?” then after that she told her best friends then she told them that she’ll answer it yes. Then at the canteen she saw Mack, they talk then she answered yes then everyone saw them hugging then all of the teachers and classmates of them was so Happy. Then at the Graduation day, all have a group hug and go to the Max’s Restaurant to celebrate that the studies are gone!! Then after 3 years of they’re relationship then finally it’s their wedding all of they’re classmates was there and friends.


Note: The day they started the relationship was February 13,2010,

Wedding Day was February 14,2012             

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