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stranger then fiction

                       A New Beginning

"Death" I hear the gypsy say.A grey haze from the smokes in this shop wisps around as I drift thru my own mental barriers....... and how right she is, how right she is.

"In the position it falls, it usually means change, however..........." she continued....."it coul...

I don't really expect this person to have any idea the truths, even if it did start......Well it doesn't matter.

After three thousand years, you would think I would have a handle on my life, but that all changed. It all changed, after his death. How could he, Why would he? I was noone to him, and he was noone to everyone else..... death, yes. change true. What now?

"Sir.... are you listening?" she saies while grabbing my arm.

'"yes, yes what?"

"Just as I thought, you have no idea what was said""Perhaps I should charge you twice if I'm going to have to give you 2 reading?" A devilish smile came across her face and then just as quick all expression was gone. Her eyes were blank and distant.her arm hits the table as her mouth slowily dropped.     "Vision lost, history gained"

MY brow furled and I was confussed in a way I had never been before. I attempted to speak.

"So should I?" her eyes longing for a response as she started to laugh...."well that got your attention I usually does.""I was just kidding about you having to pay me double." "but it seems your life has changed in about every way it can, and your confussion about how to handle it is expected."

"Ok, and what is, history gained mean?""what history?" Trying to gauge any information I could.

"If I have to tell you, that's just gonna cost you more." she said with a loving smile and a twinkle in her eye

I see her say that, as if she has no idea what I'm talking about. I think I understand vision lost, since until 3 hours ago I was a cyclops.

I throw 20 dollars on the table and stand, even though I don't want to leave yet.

                                   The Hunt

Looking back I know something happened, just what is not entirely clear. I knew it was a longshot and now I have even more questions then when I entered. One thing was for sure I would have to go back, but now doesn't seem the right time.

At least I shouldn't have to run. Not like I was. Not from them. Not now.

The distant echo of my footsteps is almost haunting as I think of the small group running after me. Maybe it should have happenned, maybe I should have died like I have dreamed about for the past 3 thousand years. I knew it was time, I've seen the faces, all their faces. more times then days in their combined lives.

I pull the mans wallet from pockets, pockets in clothes I took, from a man I don't know, not much here.

What do I do? should I still stay where I was hiding? should I be hiding now? Will the hunters still hunt me?

Most of the hunters ran away when he was killed, I guess taking a human life wasn't part of the bargin. It all seems like a dream now. It all seems so..... long ago.

Yells and screams of angry people closing in on me, stones and debris falling all around me.

                       When Reality and Dreams Mix

Never, not once in any vision did I see him, this bum, this misfit of man, this saviour.

My eyes weigh heavy and slowily close. I hope I'm safe, looked safe.

I'm not even sure what happened. As a Cyclops you know from birth, well that is if you were born a cyclops....I was five when the curse began, or so I was told I was 5 when it started, I was also told we came from a great and beautiful place....not that any of that matters right now; but every cyclops can see the future, well it's death anyway, but now who knows?

Was I the only one who saw the darkness turn to day?


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