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I need You

      She sat there, crying. She had never felt so useless in her life. She felt as though she had nothing to offer thus she received nothing in return. She had given him the last four years of her life, and overall nothing came out of it in her favor. As she came out of her room, her family gazed at her tear-stained face wondering what could have possibly happened. Her only answer was that her life was over, she had nothing left. She wouldn't talk, eat, drink, or sleep. 

      As she rose the next day from her sleepless night, she absent-mindedly dressed for school, brushed her teeth, grabbed her keys, and got in the car. As she sat down, she immediately remembered what had happened the previous night. Tears began to spill down her face. Knowing that she had no other choice, she began her commute to school, even though she knew how badly it would hurt. As she walked in, the whispers started.

      Suddenly she realized he was in her first class. Apprehensively, she sat down awaiting the humiliation she felt coming. When he opened the door, their eyes met. Without hesitation, she burst into tears.

      The next thing she knew, she was in the familiar arms of the man that had so often held her. She shuddered at the thought that this was obviously a dream she would soon be forced to wake up from. She heard him whisper, "everything will be okay, I love you." in her ear, too real to be a dream. She looks up at him with her sky-blue eyes, and held his gaze. She felt safe, she felt wanted, and most of all she felt needed.

      She could tell he had been crying too. When she asked why, he replied, "Last night, i was drunk. I'd had too much to drink with the boys. They told me some things, that they said were true about you. They were very bad things. I wasn't in my right mind to argue with them, and somehow I ended up with you on the phone. I told you that I didn't, nor had i ever, loved you. I told you that you had no purpose on this earth. I told you so many horrendous things, unknowingly so. When I was sober enough to think clearly, the guys told me what had happened. I instantly thought my life was over without you, and i had no reason to live. I needed to see you though, to try to explain. The whole ride to school i worried over how you would take this. I cried my eyes out, knowing you wouldn't take me back, but desperately hoping you would." She said three simple words, "I love you." and he knew she was once again his.


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