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Cotton children

An irate and angry Creator, has decided to destroy his Creation (Planet Earth) and start again. 

The Creator, The Lord Of the Universe is fed up with the constant warring dissent and general disaffection he witnesses

throughout his Creation and which only seems to increase as time passes.


However his children on learning of his plan to destroy Earth ask if they could try a different method to bring peace on Earth.


The children seeks the help of their mother who wants to save the earth.  She remembers an old decree of their father(her husband) and in that decree their father placed a rainbow in the sky as a sign to the people on earth.  She approaches her husband and reminds hijm of this, but he is still determined to destroy the earth.
She then decides to help the children save the earth, and suggests a plan to them
The cotton children are so loud they scream and shout in any crowd
they are so small they can make your belly jelly so I scream you scream
to hear the cotton children
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