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A Change

I have no thoughts
I am devoid of feeling.
I don't care about you anymore.
I don't long to see your face.
You used to make me happy,
When I thought about about you
I used to smile.
I think of you now
And my lips turn to frown.
Maybe you never cared.
And while I guess that's possible,
Why did you have to stare?
Why look at me with those sensational eyes
If you knew you didn't care?
I have no thoughts
I am devoid of feeling.
You made me this way
Intentionally or not
It doesn't matter.
I almost hope you are as hollow
And empty inside as I,
But I know you are not.
I used to think I'd wait for you.

I used to think I loved you.

I'd rather just never see you now.
Leave me to my solitude,
And do whatever it is you do, heartbreaker.
I have no thoughts.
I am devoid of feeling.
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