Rainbow's cotton children | By: Sybil Aadelaja | | Category: Short Story - Adventure Bookmark and Share

Rainbow's cotton children

The cotton children will travel to earth and use the 'Colours of  the Rainbow

to brighten things up.


But some children will be required to maike their own sacrifices if they want to save the earth

-she  the mother will help them with her 'Magic', but that too will fade away with time.  The Only solution

is if some of the children live permanelty on earth, that way her husband will not destroy it.


So she suggest that both the Eldest son and daughter marry earth people in a great wedding feast.


There are a number of trials and gatherings to find suitable partners for them, and preparations for the wedding must be made.


So as not to give the game away when they travel thoughout the earth they must not look like 'heavenly

beings' princes and prinecesses' but must be humble.  They must not wear fine silks or robes, but be dressed in simple 'cotton'.

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