Annie | By: Kristina Pringle | | Category: Short Story - Lost Love Bookmark and Share


Soft orange fur

Loving yellow eyes

A purr to say "I love you"

A tail to twitch hi


That all knowing gleam

In each of your eyes

To me makes it seem

Like everything is going right


You slept around my head

Every single night

Giving me sweet dreams

And guarding me from fright


You waited patiently

All through the day

For when I got home

And we could play


I wonder what you thought

That one fateful day

When I didn't come home

Did you think I was simply delayed?


But about the third day?

After a cold and sleepless night

Did you still think I was coming?

Or did you succumb to fright


And what about the third day

Did you still believe in me then?

Were you waiting for me to walk through the door

And we could be together again

Like none of this ever happened?


Forgive me dear kitty

For I still love you so

Oh I love you so dearly

I had no choice but to go


You're still in my heart

I think of you each day

But I hate being apart

I didn't want it this way


I hope that you're happy

Wherever you are now

And I hope you forgive me

And I hope you can see

And I hope-most of all-


That you still love me

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