Rainbow's cotton children | By: Sybil Aadelaja | | Category: Short Story - Adventure Bookmark and Share

Rainbow's cotton children



But first we asked of you

do not destroy


love and happiness peace

the rainbow cotton children

warm small faces smile again and smell fear



I yes I

have plotted, planned and schemed

to rid my Creation

of thoes things

mankinds ingraitude

I will take no more

I too tire of famine disease and war


Here you take it

see what you can do

with this world

since I tire of it

it has wearied me now for many aeons

and despite the sun which I wrought

the moon the stars the same

they whose burdens I have borne just

groan moan complain and fight

and curse me! enlessly day and night


maybe perhaps maybe

you will bring

new colours since they it seems

they tire

of bleak white winters

the greening spring

the yellow harvests

red autumns fire

flowing crystal streams

I could go on but I too tire


father we will

use a different ploy

to soften the heart of those

whose hearts have turned to stone

the love of which is mired in the clay of there world



father we plead

restrain your wrath

and let us use a different ploy


to see if we can soften once again

their hearts to light and glow again

and in their joy return to you

not worship

nor praise

or sacrifice

but that love

which you desire

the love which you have shown

on us all

do not destroy us let us play the rainbow

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