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You Alone Are True

~You Alone are True~

In the dark of the night

I called your name

Enveloped in your light

Iíll never be the same

They said I was not good enough

So I fought through all the pain

And found you standing with open arms

In the pouring rain

I walk each day with you by my side

You carry me when I want to hide

I am weak Ė you make me strong

And with You, I know I belong

I want to stay with you always

But sometimes the world creeps in

And I get carried away

But You always win

You are so close, I reach out my hand

You hold me in your arms

To comfort and protect me

And keep me from all harm

This olí world would do me in

If it werenít for you

With all my heart, body, and soul

I know, You alone are True.

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