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The ultimate desire of my heart.

The sparkling star in the night,

Your adorable smile is my light,

To depart me is to end my mundane joy.


Your glittering eyes do melt my heart,

The complexion of your skin does attack my thought,

The melodic voice of yours alleviate fury,

The eyes of my heart capture your majestic walking,

To me the life is grandiose for having your love in my heart.


Bamboozle I become,

 At glancing the glimmer of your teeth,

Your bereavement means my soul is at stake,

To your love I kneel before,

With tears from my heart,

Praying your heart to kiss my heart.


To love me is to save a life,

To smile at me is to please a soul,

To glance at me is to touch a heart,

To marry me is to give me the joy of life.


The shape of yours I can’t describe,

Are you flamboyant tree?

Are you like the tree of Zaitun.

Are you like the tree of Ruman.





The true nature of you can be seen,

The only day we be alone,

The day when my chest be your pillow,

My skin be your blanket,

The vivacious night I do wait for,

The day I know the shape I could not describe,

For how long could the fervent heart be waiting,



To you my soul, heart and whole of me so belong,

May I have you as only one in the day and night,

May you be with me under the rain,

May you be my partner for better and worst







27TH NOV 2008





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