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Birthmothers Fight!

I dedicate this story to every Birth mother whom has lost a child up for adoption. Know that there is support for you.

Adoption is a big lie. It undermines the backbone of society in the US today. More and more adult adoptees are coming forth with their own horror stories about how they were treated by their adoptive parents and how their natural children were treated differently from them.

It is not my fault, that some women can not have children of their own, there must be a good reason behind it. The Lord knows these reasons. If he did not want you to have naturall children, then what makes you adoptive parents think you can raise someone elses any better. Obviously you are deluding yourself and in denial.

Note this people, not all birth mothers are drug addicts, alcoholics, or prostitutes. We did not do the unforgivable sin in the Bible. Which there is only one.
We simply did nothing and it got us into trouble. We loved someone and that someone walked out on us and did not want to accept his responsibility.

Of course, we birthmothers are told it is in our child's best interest if we place our babies up for adoption. We do not know what kind of families they will be adopted into, because the state and other adoption agencies do this for us.
Thankfully, with "open"adoption, women can now pick and chose the families they want to place their children with. They can meet, and spend time with the perspective adoptive parents to make sure her child is placed into a happy home.

Back when I had my daughter and my parental rights were terminated because of mental illness, I did not know whom my daughter would be placed with. I do know now that they are monsters.

Birthmothers fight back. Join the fight. Your children are your children for the rest of your life, despite the fact that you surrended your parental rights to the child. It is something no one can take away from you.
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