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Destination Unknown

What if I die alone?
What if I live through this life,
Through every kind of time there is
Without ever having someone by my side
Who cares for me
The way I want them to?
Is there even a person
That actually exists in flesh
Who could know me
Enough to know how to love me
The way I want to be loved?
Are the standards I set,
For whomever dares to take an interest in me,
So high that they are unattainable
And so ridiculous that they would force me
To endure the pain,
Anguish and solitude of life alone?
Am I even sure that I require
Another person to support me?
Or can I be strong
And deal with the curve balls
That life decides to throw me
On my own?
Would it make me proud
To know that I don't need
To share my experience and knowledge
Or heart and soul
With another human being?
Is it really necessary
For me to worry about
Spending my life with someone
When it should just happen naturally
And I shouldn't be looking for it?
Or, if I don't look,
And proceed on faith,
Will I miss the person
Who is my supposed destiny?
Is there a guarantee that
We all hold a destiny,
Or do things just happen
Regardless of reprocutions?
Does everything happen
For a reason, and if so,
Why don't I have any answers,
And why did I feel compelled to write this?
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