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The Fly That Ate A Baseball

The Fly That Ate a Baseball

††††††††††††† It wasnít unusual for this dirty little critter to consume a ball, but this was the first time it ate a major league game ball. There were two outs with the bases loaded the count was 2-2 when an actual 1-Ĺ inch fly caught a long fly ball. Some say the ball hit the fly as others witnessed the fly actually catching the ball. Either way everyone agrees that the fly ate the ball after the two-made contact.

†††††††† The day soon was turning to night when the sky began to turn orange. There were two men on base with only one out. The batter had a 0-2 count on him as he set himself in the batters box. The pitch came in looked like a sharp curve ball dropping into the strike zone. As the batter reached out to hit the ball his bat slid out of his hands. The bat flew toward the spectators when suddenly a real bat intercepted and blocked the bat from hurting an un-expecting fan.

†††††††† Itís the first time in the history of Major League Baseball that a real fly and a real bat were involved in a game. Actually, it was the first time ever that a bat protected a person from being seriously injured.†

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